It may or may not surprise you to find out that as an owner of a company I’m invited to a wide variety of events – often with the goal of having me support or invest in a wonderful opportunity. Initially, while I was keen to support the great causes I was learning about, I recognized that I was in danger of overspending! In order to provide sustainable and meaningful support I had to establish guidelines for the groups and programs I would support. As I worked through my thoughts I recognized the opportunities and blessings I had received in my life stemmed from my education but also from the people who’d encouraged and lifted me up to take opportunities. This leads me to a focus for netlogx support being made available to organizations working to support women and entrepreneurship.

Last week I was honored to host the DRIVE to Success 500 Circle Reception for the Pass The Torch For Women (PTTFW) here in the wonderful Stutz Car Museum. The opportunity to open the meeting sharing what we do at netlogx…..and then why I support PTTFW! In both examples, it comes down to the people:  At netlogx I am surrounded by an amazing group of diverse and talented people from whom I learn something new every day!

Over the last two years as I’ve been a part of PTTFW I have also met an amazing group of women and champions for women who again have provided many opportunities for me to learn and grow – and chances for me to give back.This year my schedule permitted me to participate  in the mentor program and I was able to work with two women.

500 Circle DRVE Collage (1)

A new student who was an inspiration and a reminder of all we can achieve when we set goals, work hard and seek help when and as needed. She and I covered a few of the many time management techniques shared with me – time has always been a major challenge for me!

A working Mom who has returned to school to add to her qualifications she seeks to grow her career and seek leadership opportunities. Initially, we looked at her resume and discussed the examples of leadership she has – and ways to emphasize those to the reader. Secondly, we talked about her current position and the opportunities for growth there – and worked out how to ask for more. The request was well received and an upcoming project has been identified as an opportunity.

From these I’ve again revisited how to align my time to use it wisely in pursuit of what I need to do and not what I may find more interesting or easier! Additionally, I have forced myself to have some more crucial conversations as it is only through these that we really do move forward! If you are in any doubt if you have the time or talents to mentor someone think again – you do – and it is always a two-way street!

What are you passionate about and how do you invest in that passion?

Next up for me is a Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity.  For more about the why check out this video!