To be honest, my googling has brought me very little regarding the origins of All is Ours Day. From my best guesstimation, it is a Hallmark holiday that did not gain the same traction as Valentine’s Day. The intent of the holiday is to increase awareness and appreciation of the people and things we have and appreciate the beauty of nature. Who knew? My mom has a wonderful perspective on these types of holidays. She treats them as another opportunity to express her love and gratitude towards others, which is never a bad thing. Love and gratitude are things I can get behind any day of the year. So, calling on the perspective of my mother, here are some thoughts on gratitude, one of netlogx’ operating principles.

I find expressing love for others through my gratitude is a knockout punch for increasing the quality of life for myself and those around me. If you’re like me, you get caught up in the day to day stressing over the things that aren’t happening yet, things you don’t have or situations you have no control over. Further, in no way can I fix all my problems I seem to be fixated on in one moment. But I can enjoy the process of conquering my problems by participating in gratitude each day. The moment I begin to express how thankful I am to my coworkers for their help and guidance, the moment I remember to appreciate the resources I have available around me, the quicker I am able to increase my happiness and begin making progress on the tasks at hand with a happy heart.

If I make gratitude a habit, whether verbally, through a journal, through my actions or all of the above, it literally begins to shape my brain. I begin to mold my perspective to see situations and be grateful, first. Here’s to increasing my own gratitude on a daily basis and encouraging you to find ways to incorporate gratitude!


For starters, I am grateful for these three shown in the photo with me who will be moving to Indianapolis from Uganda to grow with me and learn how to live together!

For those of you who prefer a list of benefits, Forbes put together seven (7) scientifically proven benefits of gratitude.

For those looking for specific studies to reference, Psychology Today does a nice job here: The grateful brain.