I receive an email sharing a new team member will be joining netlogx in the near future. I organize my thoughts and determine how to best communicate with our new team member. I reach out to Human Resources to obtain key background information about our new hire.

  • Where will this new team member be working?
  • Who will they be working with in their role?
  • Is there anything specific about the project that I need to know?

There is no such thing as too much information! I send an email containing specific instructions and links to the new team member to help them prepare for their first days and familiarize themselves with the material needed to be successful.

I work and live in the great state of Michigan. I make my travel arrangements, and a few days later, I am on the road to Indianapolis where netlogx is headquartered.

To date, Project Coordinator (PCr) training has gone smoothly. Because there is so much information being shared with a new team member, I like to use a very informal training approach. I take some time to chat and get to know the new member of our team; making them feel welcome and comfortable. Each team member is walked through the netlogx Style Guide and PCr Manual. In addition, they are provided instructions on how to complete each activity. Questions are answered, and expectations are set. Training activities take approximately 2 weeks to complete. During this time, there are many touchpoints between the new team member and myself.

My visit to the corporate office in Indianapolis is always very pleasant and I am greeted with smiles from my fellow netlogx team members. Even though my colleagues are busy working on their own project, they take a couple minutes out of their day to make me feel welcome! Most of my travels have been during the cooler months, leaving me to stay in as much as possible (not a fan of the cold). However, I do enjoy breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner with some of my netlogx family.