netlogx held a special event for our valued clients and team members to spend the day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We enjoyed a practice day for The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. The weather cooperated, and it was a “Chamber of Commerce” weather day with sunshine and blue skies.

Day at track 1

I had the pleasure of meeting many of netlogx’s friends, partners, and clients while watching Indy cars fly by at speeds well above 200 miles per hour. I had the fortune of meeting Larry and Cookie, two dear friends of Nick and Audrey, early on in the day. We talked about the cars, the race, the traditions and customs around the Indy 500, and the culture in Indianapolis. We even shared a little bit about our dogs.

Day at track 2

As the day progressed and more people came, I continued to meet friends and guests of netlogx, one of whom (Mark, who works at another Information Security firm).  I spoke with him at length regarding current information security practices. It was quite a rewarding day – in terms of the great company, the cars, the atmosphere, and the praise that I continued to hear from everyone about netlogx.

Shortly after lunch, Pippa Mann made an appearance and spoke about her career as a driver, how she supports Woman Owned Businesses, Girls entering STEM careers and her experiences with racing. She then held a Q&A session, followed by pictures and autographs. It was an amazing experience!

Day at track 3

After Pippa’s appearance, a group of us made our way down to the garage and the pits to have a look at Pippa’s space, as well as the competition. Pippa mentioned during the Q&A session that track temperatures that day were around 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  And you could certainly feel it down there where the action was! We happened upon Pippa’s pit stall as her car #63 was there.  So, we were able to see her Donate Life car up close and personal, as well as the netlogx logo emblazoned on the fender above the rear left wheel.

Day at the track 5

Unfortunately, our successful and exhilarating day came to an end.  We said our goodbyes to all our friends that came to spend the day with netlogx at the Indy 500.  And thanked them for their support of netlogx over the past 20 years.