Since technology has integrated into everyday activities, LinkedIn has been able to capture the business networking arena. Through LinkedIn, users can apply for jobs, participate in discussions, and network with people across the world. Having a LinkedIn account is one thing, but having an active and updated LinkedIn page will allow you to stand out among the rest. In courses I have taken through Indiana University and my own personal experience, I have created a list of tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn page the best possible.

  • Update your page every 3 months to ensure the information is current and correct
  • Have a LinkedIn profile picture to make your page stand out from those who do not have one
  • Writing a short bio about work-related activities and hobbies will add a personalized touch to your page
  • Add volunteer experiences to show you do more than just work!
  • Ensure to find an organization’s logo when adding a work or volunteer experience, if they have one
  • When at all possible, ask co-workers, supervisors, or bosses to endorse a few of your listed skills on your page
  • Take time to really think about what you are saying when setting up and updating your page – LinkedIn is an online, public resume, treat it that way!
  • Do not just have a page, get involved on LinkedIn by posting interesting articles, joining groups and engaging in discussions
  • Connect with people as often as you can
  • Do not randomly add users just to get your connections number high, this is a professional scene, not Facebook
  • Do not accept requests from people you would not want to be associated with – people will look at who you are connected with to determine your own personal brand

Overall, keeping your LinkedIn page updated and keeping an eye out on who you add to your page is the best use of this networking field!

For inspiration and ideas, here is a link to my page:

If you have any questions, want something clarified, or even want me to take a look at your own page, please feel free to send me an email and we can set something up!