Every year, the netlogx HR department finds new and innovative ways to celebrate the team members we are fortunate to have work with us here at netlogx. This year is no exception as we continue to place an importance on the culture we are cultivating day in and day out.

As we all know, we spend a LOT of time at work, so if we can bring our whole selves to work, we create a stronger culture. In 2019, HR introduced us to the #BucketListChallenge whereby we each received a bonus in December of 2018 to complete an item from our personal bucket list. After completing the event and submitting a blog, we’d receive a second bonus.

As the owners of netlogx, there are some benefits from which we are excluded – Flexible Spend Account (FSA) for one – but thankfully we are eligible for the #BucketListChallenge! I spent much of Q1 asking what my various colleagues were considering and trying to determine my own plan.

Audrey bucket list 3

Then one month ago, on a warm sunny Saturday, I realized I was actually living my #BucketListChallenge. I was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway sitting in the stands with Nick; we had our lucky cheddar cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches in our picnic watching Pippa Mann in her #39 Clausson Marshall Driven2SaveLives race car take her four qualifying laps around the famous 2.5-mile track – all with a netlogx logo on the rear spoilers. We sat, cheered, and then gently worried and positively intended to see Pippa Mann make the race – which she did as the gun fired and she was in the field at #30.

This experience was so special to us because in the first years we lived in Indy, starting in 1992, we always loved qualifying weekend. We spent many hours with dear friends in the sun (and occasionally rain – but the past is always sunny in our memories, isn’t it?). It truly was a dream come true to be sitting opposite the pits, recreating the perfect British picnic, all while cheering on a race car driver we admire, respect and are privileged to call a friend.

Audrey bucket 1

Heading down to the team garage after the race and seeing the trim with our netlogx logo leaning against the garage was almost as exciting as hugging Pippa and celebrating her tremendous skill and hard work! Sport and superstition go together, so despite the honor of sitting in the Driven2SaveLives suite, we again took along our lucky cheddar cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches for our picnic.

As we lingered inside the track to watch the festivities and people, we reminisced about races past – since 1992, we’ve seen a few with some near and dear friends some of whom sadly are no longer with us – but we both agreed that the unique and privileged opportunity to ride along with Pippa was extraordinary and the definition of a successful #BucketListChallenge!

HR, please send along our bonuses so we can start saving for 2019! Thank you for reading this, and if you’d like to support Pippa, consider supporting the cause behind the little team that could. Register to be a tissue and organ donor – here in Indiana you’ll even get a heart on your driver’s license.