Land or water?  This is my kind of car!  As a person who has a healthy respect for water, not necessarily fear just a realization that I am quite small when compared to the vastness and depth of most bodies of water, I like the idea of a car that is capable of functioning on land or water.  These unique amphibious autos were built in Germany between 1961 and 1968.  Only 3,878 were produced with 3,046 imported to the United States between 1961 and 1967, according to Wikipedia.

Boathouse Tour 2 (1)

I have long been a Disney fan and visitor ever since my first visit in 1976, yes there was just one park and the monorail was like something out of the Jetsons cartoon for a kid from rural Indiana.   So when Disney Springs opened the Boathouse restaurant and featured the Amphicar Tours in Spring 2015, I was impressed and thought I will add that to my ‘Disney Bucket List’. Yes, I have a Disney Bucket List – as Disney continues to grow and change there are just too many new opportunities to experience all at once. So it has taken four years but finally this year for my 53rd Birthday my husband, myself and our son, Kyle; enjoyed the adventure that can only be experienced at Disney and according to our captain (and on the website), this is the only place in the World to offer this tour.

Boathouse Tour 3

Andrew was our captain for this tour and even though the experience of riding in an amphibious vehicle is exciting, I realized that the right guide can make all the difference.  Andrew was knowledgeable, funny and had that unique quality of actually listening to his passengers.  During our tour it occurred to me that Andrew really enjoyed his job and he had a passion that made the experience that much more meaningful.  It made me think, do I enjoy my work so that others can see it and make the experience for those I am serving meaningful?

In closing, I truly enjoyed this ‘bucket list’ experience for both the opportunity to do something that is unique and to witness joy in one’s work.  Share some joy with someone today, even if you don’t feel like it! (isn’t that what real ‘joy’ is anyway?)