Change is inevitable and is, in part, the reason that netlogx’ services are needed. As consultants, our objective is to ensure that organizational changes being implemented reflect the client’s desired outcomes. Clients know they need change, but to get workers on board can be a challenge. Employees at all levels can experience confusion and frustration during an organizational change. A third party such as netlogx can provide confidence and assurance to move everyone forward with minimal resistance.

At the outset of any organizational change implementation, it’s important for our consultants to know the background of the change so that we can help properly communicate to employees. We ask questions such as:

  • What are the project’s objectives?
  • What are the staff’s opinions overall of the upcoming new processes?
  • Did all levels of staff have a voice in the decisions?
  • Were all levels of staff allowed to provide feedback?
  • Is this a required federal or state change that has to be implemented, regardless of preferences?

Once we have researched this information, then we can better approach any group with a better understanding and the knowledge to encourage them with the change’s ultimately positive outcomes. There are a few best practices when it comes to organizational change management (OCM):

  • Listen: Often, people just want to know they have been heard.
  • Positive attitude: Even when things are not moving as smoothly as you’d like, being positive can make a difference to those who are already unsure of the coming change.
  • Be direct: People want the truth plus the facts. For example, if this is a mandatory change to keep their job, that may need to be restated.
  • Communicate: Everyone needs to feel like they’re being included and updated throughout the process.

After going through OCM, employees at all levels find out that, with our help, the process is not as overwhelming as anticipated. With consistent communication and awareness of progress throughout the project, team members have added security and confidence. Employees begin to see the advantages to the new processes once they’re able to see actual results.

It’s important to know that workers at all levels have a vested interest in what changes are coming and especially how that can impact their day to day work. Even if a change is required, having the confidence and support of staff at all levels will make the transition less stressful. You never know when a suggestion may come from the recently-hired clerk that can help automate a process, but if you do not reach out to all staff levels for input and/or feedback, this opportunity can be missed.

Let netlogx help your organization make change work for you. Contact us today.