I love challenges. When someone says, “You can’t do that”, watch out. I do everything I can to do it, within reason that is. Working for netlogx is that kind of place, even with small stuff, they challenge us.

For the past two years, Audrey Taylor, our CEO, has challenged the entire team with little personal tasks that help us fulfill our lives. These challenges come with cash incentives which make them not only fun but also rewarding, and who doesn’t like a little cash.

For 2019 the challenge was to fulfill an item on your “bucket list”. During our December netlogx Team Building meeting, Audrey passed out very small metal buckets. When I say small, they were about the size of a large shot glass small. Audrey challenged us to do one of our bucket list items and then write a blog about it. So…here’s my blog about Boris and my bucket list.


I first heard about Boris in late 1999 when I was living in Hungary. When I came back to the states in early 2000, I was anxious to meet him, but he didn’t know me from Adam. When I finally met Boris, he was dressed in shiny bright red and matte jet black. I was eager to take Boris for a test drive. You see, Boris is a car, and not any car but a Toyota, MR2 Spyder re-release. MR2 stands for Midship Runabout 2 seater and seeing that it only had two seats, when I took my test drive my wife Alice couldn’t come. It was only the sales rep and me. Did I ever push Boris to see what he had in him? I took corners tight and fast and accelerated hard off stops. During one turn, I looked over at the sales rep and she was holding on for dear life. I asked if she was scared and she replied, “A little” as I rounded a corner hard and the blood drained from her face. I was sold!

Over the next 15 years, I drove Boris fast and hard, so hard that I even had to replace the engine once. But that came to an end when the repairs exceeded my bank account, so I garaged him and placed a painting tarp over him to help keep him somewhat clean. That’s when I placed getting Boris repaired and driving him again on my bucket list.

I have a saying about my wife Alice, “Alice pinches pennies so hard they turn into dimes”. She’s very thrifty and that’s one of the things I love about her. So was I ever surprised that on my birthday this year she had squirreled away the money I needed to get Boris up and running once again. It took almost one month to get the repairs completed but once done, check one off my bucket list. I still have more to do on Boris. I want to get a small trailer for him so Alice and I can go on trips. You see, Boris only has one cubic foot of luggage space and that’s not enough to take long trips. See the picture for my next bucket list item.

I want to thank netlogx for incentivizing my wife to make it possible to check one off my bucket list!