Life often presents opportunities for change, whether it be good or bad. Change is the catalyst for new circumstances to unfold. How we react to this unfolding helps to determine our outlook on any given situation.

A silver lining could be that change allows personal growth, new experiences, and new relationships to develop. It can be uncomfortable, but to conquer most obstacles, change is necessary; sometimes, changing one’s thought process will even help to resolve bigger issues.

An example of a positive change that I experienced and currently experience every day is my sense of independence and my walk into adulthood. I recently graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in May 2021—Go Hoosiers! The transition from going to classes every day to going to work every day was a major adjustment. During my four years as an undergrad, I had created a routine that I had become very comfortable with and followed. Consistent routines allow me to feel organized and have a sense of control in my life. Upon entering my last semester of college, I realized many things in my routine were about to change. I would be entering a new stage in my life.

Now that I have entered that stage, I don’t worry about studying for huge tests, meeting with Capstone groups, or maintaining a GPA. Instead, my goal is to make it to meetings on time and complete my tasks in a timely manner to provide my best work. The transition was terrifying; however, I believe it has been great for me.

I prioritize my responsibilities, set and achieve assigned goals, and strive to build team camaraderie. This transition to adulthood has allowed me to flex my muscles. Not only has there been extensive growth in my shift from collegiate life to career life, but there’s also been substantial personal growth. I’ve become more fiscally responsible, as I’m working diligently to achieve personal economic freedom. I have learned that at one point or another, we will all experience some sort of change. When change does occur, it does not have to be feared. When I chose to embrace change, I gained personal growth, which is an amazing feeling.