Having a consistent wellness routine has not always been the easiest thing for me to maintain. Like many things, prioritizing health and wellness can seem to slide to the back burner if not taken seriously. I have found myself often fluctuating with my wellness habits, but I have taken these few steps to stay consistent with being active in some way every day. 

Finding ways to be active that are enjoyable and having enough things to rotate through has been very beneficial in maintaining my interest in being active each day. When it was a little bit warmer out, my fiancé and I started to play pickleball outside, and that was a fun way for us to be outside and active for what usually turned into almost two hours of activity! 

Since the weather in Indiana can be very unpredictable, I try to have different ways I know I can be active each day. I also rotate through walking outside or inside (on my treadmill), lifting weights, riding my bike, or just going through a yoga video. I have found that rotating through activities has made staying active more enticing day-to-day, even on the days I do not want to be active. 

Another thing I have done to maintain a wellness ritual has been setting aside time every day to ensure I prioritize being active. I have found that setting aside time before my day begins has been the best way for me to stay consistent in my goals of remaining active for at least 30 minutes a day. Having time set aside each day to prioritize wellness and have a set “me” time has been beneficial for my mental health as well. 

With as many inconsistencies there are day-to-day, creating at least 30 minutes each day to be active and have time for myself has been one habit I have tried to create to make my life a little better.