About Jim Dunn

Jim is a Consultant with over 22 years of experience in state government working as a welfare caseworker, front-line supervisor, and welfare policy analyst (TANF and Medicaid).

Forward Into the Past

By |2021-12-22T11:54:53-05:00March 29th, 2022|

You’ve just introduced a shiny new process, system, or other element intended to make things more productive. There may be more bells, whistles, and pretty graphics, but how do you know if your new process is an improvement from what you had before? The obvious answer is “What does the data show?” but that [...]

Get on the Good Foot

By |2021-05-04T18:41:57-04:00May 4th, 2021|

While my oldest daughter, Gillian, was home for the holidays, she mentioned to my younger daughter, Jennifer, that she never hears from me while she’s at school.  At the same time, netlogx announced the ‘positive’ push as part of the 2021 wellness initiative. So how could I let my daughter know I was alive [...]

Is Your Information Safe and Secure?

By |2021-11-08T15:00:05-05:00October 27th, 2020|

Information can be a powerful tool as long as you understand what it is. Information is data with context and meaning. Let's use an example: 20B. By itself it's merely a combination of numbers and letters—it doesn't mean anything. With the added context of an airline boarding pass, it tells you where your seat [...]

Thar She Blows: Beware of Whaling

By |2021-11-08T13:56:43-05:00October 16th, 2020|

My wife works for a non-profit company so seldom does her work and mine cross paths, but whaling and security management brought us together.  “Whale phishing” or “whaling” is a variation of “spear phishing.”  A scammer sends fraudulent emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to get [...]

The Tune May Change but the Beat Goes On

By |2021-10-26T18:34:25-04:00January 17th, 2020|

Like death and taxes, change is inevitable. I worked in state government for 23 years and every election cycle brought change. The extent of the change varied in degrees. One Republican (or Democrat) replacing another Republican (or Democrat) as governor usually meant minor organizational adjustments to come (a tweaked organizational chart with new names and [...]

Grotesque Opulence

By |2020-04-23T18:30:48-04:00August 8th, 2019|

For our 25th anniversary, my wife and I took our family to Paris and Rome to explore, see the sights, and create an adventure full of all “bucket list” activities. Traveling to these wonders and seeing everything the grand cities have to offer, I found myself awed and aghast at what I can only call [...]

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