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Vicki is the HR Director for netlogx.

Interview with Eric Hershberger, netlogx Consultant

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What brings you joy? I would say helping others, feeling like the things that I’m doing in someone else’s life makes a difference. What are you most afraid of? Probably regret, I don’t want to have to live with regret. It’s important to make the most of every opportunity to grow personally and professionally. What [...]

Audrey Taylor to Receive 2019 Torchbearer Award at Annual Ceremony

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Brittani Martel, Porch Light PR 317.629.1669,   Audrey Taylor to Receive 2019 Torchbearer Award at Annual Ceremony Indiana Commission for Women (ICW) honors women for their contributions to propel Indiana women forward  INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 10, 2019) — netlogx, a 21-year-old, Indianapolis-based consulting services firm, is proud to announce Audrey [...]

Seven Considerations for a Successful Program

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Successful management is the key to a successful program implementation. Effective and efficient management of a program can be the difference between success and failure. To effectively manage a program, we must first understand the focus and goals of a program. A program is focused on long-term business objectives. It has governance and oversight over [...]

Business Process Management for the Next Generation of Workers

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A traditional work background usually means someone gives you tasks to complete, and you do them, figuring out your own process along the way. The more I have engaged in business process management (BPM), the more value I see in it, making workers more efficient with their time, especially when dealing with large populations where [...]

The Things New Program Managers Should Know

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Program Management is a critical piece of the work that netlogx does. It’s incredibly beneficial to have a unified vision for your projects and goals as they relate to long-term organizational strategy. Within a program, the time allotted for planning resources, processes, and communication is standardized, opening the door for relevant communication and less troubleshooting. [...]

Naval Ship Captain or a Naval Fleet Commander

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Just as a project manager coordinates activities on a project, a program manager coordinates activity across multiple projects. Does that mean that a program manager is a project manager’s supervisor? The answer is no. A program manager typically has the purview of executive-level decision-makers, with the purpose of orchestrating the delivery of multiple projects in [...]