Business has changed, perhaps forever, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actions business leaders are taking today are going to affect their organization and employees during these unprecedented times and beyond. Now, more than ever is a time to become an innovative problem-solver to address these new unexpected challenges.

netlogx has created a variety of proprietary resources to help you during this time.

Restart Your Business Worksheet

The economic impact of the COVID-19 virus shutdowns to businesses has been staggering but now is the time to begin working toward the new normal. With the complete lockdown of some sectors and the changing business processes being required in others, it is now time to take stock in what you have and how it will be changed once this crisis starts to abate. netlogx has created a Restart Your Business Worksheet to help you get started.

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Managing Change (OnDemand Webinar)

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical steps you can take to survive and thrive in this new economic climate
  • Ways to shift your mindset to position your business well now and in the future
  • How to restructure moving forward, including creating new business models
  • Why looking at processes can help provide clarity and how to use them to improve further
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