Following the twists and turns: Information management roadmap development

Like many other areas, progression in information management is subject to maturity.

Very few organizations are at the top of the maturity scale. Some will be in the middle, but many more are towards the lower end of it.

If you want your organization to rise through the scale, it’s impractical to reach the heights without intermediate steps and clear targets.

An information management roadmap will guide your organization through the processes, targets and future direction you’ll be taking in order to improve your information management.

We’ll help you understand your ‘current state’ by reviewing your existing documentation, conducting surveys and interviewing system owners.

Your dedicated member of the netlogx team can then see how your organization currently works in terms of these areas:

  • Data governance
  • Data stewardship
  • Information architecture
  • Metadata management
  • Information quality management
  • Reference and master data management
  • Data warehouse and business intelligence
  • Information security management
  • Structured data management
  • Unstructured data management

It’s only after discussions with senior executives and reviews of strategic plans have taken place that we can begin developing the roadmap.

Why is information management roadmap development important?

Road maps take a systematic and methodical guide to progressing your organization up the maturity scale. This prevents any ad hoc or haphazard data management efforts.