Making things better: Information breach handling and remediation

We’re adult enough to admit that even the most sophisticated and robust information security controls can fail. When they do, there may be deliberate or accidental information disclosure.

The responsibility of dealing with these breaches, including the scope, the severity, the identification of who has been affected and how, lies with the business.

Businesses are often legally required to notify various parties of the breach and develop and put in place plans to remediate the situation. This is where netlogx can help you.

How do we handle and remediate your information breach?

We develop a process to manage a breach, from occurrence to closure, before it has even happened. Our consultants identify all mandated reporting activities and design and test mechanisms.

Our team also work with you to identify precursors and early warning signs that can help prevent a full breach. This is covered in our business continuity planning processes but refined here.

This is how netlogx consultants will drive your breach and remediation process:

  • Information classification and compliance planning
  • Identification of affected parties
  • Development of plans which manage the notification process
  • Development of plans to analyze the root cause of the breach and then its remediation
  • Breach management to closure

What are the benefits of information breach handling and remediation?

Being prepared and drilled for an information breach is invaluable. Our handling and remediation services offer reassurance to your customers that you take the handling of their sensitive information extremely seriously.