Making sure everyone knows: Development and deployment of security awareness strategy

When you’ve implemented the solution that keeps your business’s and your customers’ data safe, you’ll want to tell your people about it. netlogx will do this.

A security awareness strategy spreads the word. It drives home the key messages of information security management: that it’s a tremendous business enabler and that risk uncertainty can paralyze your organization in an instant.

netlogx will:

  • Establish what your business requires and what its priorities and risks are
  • Assess the current levels of security awareness after reviewing your policy and audit functions
  • Develop a strategic awareness program for your security solution
    • In turn, we will then develop a realistic action plan
  • Manage the strategy’s implementation
    • And then measure and report on the strategy’s success

Why is a security awareness strategy so important?

We want you to feel confident in your solution, so we’ll bring to you an awareness improvement program.

This ensures that your business can operate without the constraints that arise from poor information security management and the climate of uncertainty that comes from not understanding the risks you face.

Your people will:

  • Understand the importance in their role in keeping information secure
  • Be able to recognize security concerns and respond accordingly
  • As a matter of course, recognize events which could indicate a security incident
  • Feel confident in the pursuit of new opportunities, knowing that risk is constantly being both analyzed and managed

The security awareness strategy approach is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Consistent, well-managed and avoids duplication
  • Proven, delivered as it is by professionals with experience in security and delivering training
  • Tangible, as regular reporting highlights progress towards your goals which ensures improvement is measured, monitored and built upon