Discovering what you need: Security requirements development services

Any officer in the armed forces is aware of the phrase ‘know your enemy’. It’s a mantra that’s applicable to information security too.

If you can’t be clear on what your business needs to protect and the threats it faces, your enterprise will never benefit from effective and efficient information security. Without clear and measurable requirements, you can only expect limited success.

How do we develop your security requirements?

netlogx’ lean approach to information security has your company’s clear, concise and measurable requirements as its cornerstone.

We help you develop these by being clear about the risks you might face and exposures which exist. We can then prioritize actions and deploy cost-effective controls based on the likelihood and magnitude of projected exposure and loss.

We base your requirements around four distinct groups:

  • Prioritized risk scenarios
  • Regulations and laws
  • Perceived user needs
  • Best practices and standards

We then develop the requirements and enshrine them into security policies by following this plan:

  • Identification of assets centred around software, hardware, people and documentation
  • Evaluation of and prioritization of assets
  • Identification of and probability of risks and vulnerabilities
  • Definition of acceptable use policy, based on work ethic and culture
  • Identification of safeguards, including physical security, audit, logging and incident response
  • Creation of plan for phased introduction of policies
  • Communication of policies to users and appropriate third-parties

Why are security requirements development services important?

Policy and controls which accurately deal with the risk of exposure and loss have a home. They belong in an organization that has clear, concise and measurable security requirements.

They’re a cost-effective and efficient way of continuously improving their security position.