One of the hallmarks of world class organizations is their ability to identify and prioritize their work and execute it correctly. Does your organization understand what needs to be done? Can they determine if they have executed their work correctly? Can they identify the cost of failure? netlogx has a wealth of Business Process re-engineering experience and some of the most talented Six Sigma Master Black Belts in the nation. Let us help you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate rework
  • Remove duplicate or unnecessary processing
  • Drive process velocity
  • Establish and increase standardization
  • Eliminate non-value added work tasks
  • Drive effectiveness and efficiency
  • Understand and eliminate the eight points of waste

Not sure that you need assistance? Here are the signs:

  1. Unable to clearly identify how your business is impacted by change
  2. Acquiring new business
  3. Decisions made do not always follow proper protocol
  4. Continuous improvement is not part of your management tool set

In today’s economy Six Sigma is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Six Sigma is the way to deal with the constraint of limited resources and the fact that costs are continually going up. netlogx is equipped to guide clients to develop and sustain the skills to do more with less every day. netlogx is ready to get you there and help keep you there.