Improving business processes using Six Sigma and re-engineering

It sounds incredibly simple, but one of the hallmarks of a world class organization is its ability to identify and prioritize their work before they correctly execute it.

With that in mind, ask yourself some questions about your organization:

  1. Do your people understand what needs to be done?
  2. Can they tell if they’ve done their work correctly?
  3. Can they say how much failing to do their work has cost them?

The re-engineering of business processes is one of netlogx’s key strengths. We have a wealth of experience in the field and we employ some of the most talented Six Sigma black belts in the country, who improve the quality of a process’s output by identifying its defects.

Our Six Sigma experts will look at your work and guide you through:

  1. Reducing or totally eliminating any re-work
  2. Removing any duplicate or unnecessary processing
  3. Keeping your processes on track
  4. Establishing, and then continually adding to, a process of standardization
  5. Eliminating any work tasks that don’t add value to your product
  6. Driving your effectiveness and efficiency
  7. Understanding the eight points of waste, before eliminating waste from your process

We understand that you might think your company doesn’t need any assistance in reducing waste or optimizing your processes. But there are signs which indicate Six Sigma as being an aid to the way you work.

Six Sigma can benefit your company if:

  1. You’re unable to clearly identify how your business is affected by change
  2. You’d like to get more business
  3. The decisions you’ve made don’t always follow correct protocol
  4. Continuous improvement is not already part of how you manage your company

The tools and techniques that make up Six Sigma are a necessity in today’s economy. They help businesses with limited resources deal with constantly rising costs.

netlogx has the expertise that can guide clients through the development and continuation of doing more with less. We’ll get you there and help keep you there too.