I am not good at prioritizing time, activities, or spending time on things that are just for me (with a few notable exceptions). It is a learned behavior from my Father, who was always happy to spend on other family members but not himself (and no, I am not in the market to adopt anyone). 

I have noticed that my lower back has been aching recently, presumably because I am moving around less now that I am not in an office setting (and maybe because I am getting old). As usual, I noted it and then proceeded to do nothing about it. Then I received an assignment from netlogx to write a wellness blog. As a Project Manager, I promptly made a list of things I like to do (reading, video games, napping, cooking (and eating), and talking smack) but noticed they don’t really involve activity. While I get that a Wellness blog is as much about mental health as it is about physical health, I wanted to do something cool. 

So, I started thinking about things I have done in the past with the idea of picking it back up:

  • Brazilian jujitsu (remembered I wasn’t very good, and I broke my ribs rolling with one dude – so that was out)
  • Scuba diving (live in a landlocked state with drought problems – a no-go)
  • Weightlifting (too boring – sorry, all you gym rats)
  • Running (see above, and my knees are too old)
  • Bike riding (too dangerous – people drive like maniacs now, and Albuquerque doesn’t believe in sidewalks)
  • Filipino Stick Fighting (OK, maybe I am lying about this last one, but I did see a class offered once)
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About that time, my back started aching because I had been sitting too long, and inspiration struck. I could do yoga (not Hot Yoga, though; regular yoga is sweaty enough)! And so began my journey….

I found a studio right down the street and signed up for 10 beginner classes. I am 4 classes in and am liking it so far. The studio is not into spirituality too terribly much, which is fine by me, but, who knows, maybe my third eye will open one day. I plan on attending classes until I get the forms reasonably correct (I give the instructor props for not laughing as the struggle bus runs me over every class) and then will shift to online sessions/youtube videos from home (ironically, I was too sore from moving things around in a loft to create space and missed a yoga class).