The overall view: Project Management Office (PMO) services

Would you like to hear a terrifying statistic? Trust us, it’s in your best interests.

In 2012, McKinsey and the UK’s prestigious University of Oxford reported that 17 percent of IT projects go so badly wrong that they threaten the very existence of their company.

Now that we’ve jolted you to attention, we can also inform you that large IT projects run on average 45 percent over budget and seven percent over time. They also deliver 56 percent less value than anticipated.

So why does this happen? The reasons cited fell into four major categories:

  • Lack of concentration on stakeholder and strategy management, with focus instead on budget and scheduling
  • Failure to secure critical internal and external talent, leading to an inability to master both technology and project content
  • Failure in team effectiveness, because team members’ incentives were not aligned to overall project goals
  • Poor core project management practices, such as the absence of short delivery cycles and rigorous quality checks

How do we deliver PMO services?

netlogx’s PMO services tackle these issues head-on. We’re here to guide you through the following processes:

  • Driving appropriate project governance at the enterprise level
  • Alignment of initiatives with organizational strategy
  • Driving consistent best project management practices – tools, processes and methodologies
  • Performing your enterprise’s risk and resource management and enabling enterprise-level reporting

We deliver PMO approaches which align with what your organization needs. They are staffed jointly by your people and ours, at least for the initial period of operation.

netlogx is also here to offer fully-managed PMOs, so you can focus your full resources on what matters to you – your core business.

What are the benefits of PMO services?

Following engagement in netlogx PMO services, our clients see significant reductions in over-runs and failures. The cost of their project management also reduces year-on-year and productivity increases.