As many of you may know netlogx is headed up by a married couple. This is a dynamic that works well in our work and personal lives but is frequently commented on by others as an impossible task to imagine. Interestingly, having managed netlogx together for 15 years, we had never completed a speaking engagement together.  Well, we crossed that bridge in late November when we were given a marvelous opportunity to talk on one of our core competencies – security – at a seminar hosted by the McGowan Insurance Group, Inc.

As busy people with conflicting schedules – we spend a great deal of time apart checking in sporadically for who’s on first with both business events and the family events – we worked on the outline via instant message. After establishing our goals we fell back on our core strengths which resulted in Nick creating a wonderful detailed presentation and then we took time together – offsite – to walk through the content we wanted to deliver and the best approach to that delivery.

On delivery day we were joined by a couple of netlogx team members who were interested to hear our topic. The group we presented to represented a wide range of businesses and included owners and staff responsible for sensitive data. These were people who have to worry about inappropriate access to the information coveted by hackers and required to be secure by legislation and damaging to company reputation if breached.

It was an interesting experience and we did share with the group that they were our debut audience as a double act but I have to say that after the initial opening we really hit our stride. The reality is even though we usually work separately, the reason we work well together is that we have complementary skill sets and perspectives that make for an interesting whole. As an independent assessment we have also been asked to take the same presentation to another group – so a potential repeat booking is a great indicator that it worked well! From a more personal measure I truly enjoyed the collaboration and the experience and it was a refreshing reminder as to why we are in business together, and maybe one more reason why we are successful! Working together is a topic I will be coming back to in a future blog I’m sure.

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Hilary Clinton : “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”

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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

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Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challenges by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur