There’s this place way out west in Canyonlands National Park called “The Maze.”  It was made famous by Edward Abbey in his novel “Desert Solitaire.”  The maze is a labyrinth of wild and alluring canyons that draws in the unaware.  When you stand above it, you can see forever…but it’s deceptive.  If you’re not careful, you could get lost in there.  Some people have never come out.

The Maze is my metaphor for recruiting.  There’s risk, but there’s also great reward when we successfully navigate the challenges and obstacles along the way.  My role as the Corporate Recruiting Consultant for netlogx provides an opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization in a meaningful and tangible way.  As I see it, every successful hire is cause for celebration.  It means we’ve connected with someone who not only has the skills and talent we need to grow, but also shares our Operating Principles and can help propel us forward as a team in ways totally unique and different from other companies.

One of my favorite things about recruiting for netlogx is that there are absolutely no limits in terms of where and how I can find the talent we need to be successful tomorrow, next month and over the next twenty years.  We are data driven, for sure, but unlike so many recruiting organizations we use data as a tool rather than an end in and of itself.  This results in the professional freedom to integrate risk with an eye towards exceptional return.  Being “diverse by design” means that I have the opportunity to explore the talent maze fully.  This, in turn, can lead to serendipitous outcomes.

When I get to the point in the process where I share our values and story with potential candidates, it’s a little like realizing I’ve found the right path through the maze. It’s not uncommon for people to “check us out” online and so many already know that we’re one of the best companies to work for in Indiana.  What they don’t know is “why”, and I really enjoy explaining the things that set us apart.

I’m often told that we’re different and stand apart from the crowd.  This is good.  It means our values are coming through loudly and clearly.  We’re interested in working with people who really embrace these values and hope to make them their own.  At the end of the day, finding the right candidate and watching her or him thrive at netlogx is the best reward of all.  It’s certainly more than worthy of the rigors of the journey.