Each year netlogx sponsors a wellness challenge for team members. Past challenges have included everything from “Bucket List” initiatives to the opportunity to make a Wellness Wish.

The theme of the 2021 challenge was POSITIVITY and team members were asked to do something to promote Positivity in our own lives. The challenge included a variety of suggestions and I decided to follow the advice to pamper myself and take time to relax.

Positivity graphic

Because of the ongoing pandemic, my husband and I have had less quality time with extended family. My husband’s entire family lives out of town and it has been tricky to coordinate visits. Additionally, we had a baby in June who has so far gotten to spend very little time with many family members. We decided to bring about some positivity in our lives by planning a family trip to the beach to spend some time together in a beautiful location.

My husband and I love to travel but this was our first attempt to vacation with a baby. We were nervous about the change of pace that comes with travel with an infant but knowing we would have family to help, we rented a beach house, loaded up the car with far too much baby gear, and hit the road.

After a long drive with many stops we arrived at the beach and met up with my husband’s family. We spent a week relaxing on the beach and enjoying the ocean breeze. The house that we rented had a covered porch with rocking chairs overlooking the ocean. Our daughter enjoyed napping to the sound of the ocean and we all loved the change of scenery.

It was a wonderful treat to spend time together in a beautiful location. We thoroughly enjoyed the week and can’t wait for our next opportunity to get together.