The best way to get inspired is to take inventory of those you care about the most. Oftentimes, they’re the most valuable source of inspiration you can find.  

What I’ve found most inspiring lately is watching my partner, Hannah, pursue her dream of becoming a clinical pharmacist. To those who aren’t aware, becoming a pharmacist is incredibly challenging. Pharmacists go through a total of six years of school before receiving their doctorate. During those six years, pharmacists learn about every known drug in the world, including how your body may react to a medication and what medications should or shouldn’t be taken together. 

To contextualize how grueling pharmacy school is, consider the amount of schooling a physician goes through. Physicians go through eight years of medical school covering topics like disease and the human body. However, physicians only spend about a semester learning about medications. Pharmacists, on the other hand, spend four out of their six years in school covering drug-related material. After pharmacy school is over, pharmacists then spend another one to three years in residency if they’re interested in becoming clinical pharmacists. Clinical Pharmacists are medication experts who continually monitor, adjust and verify the prescribed treatments recommended by physicians in hospitals. Clearly, it is a very important job!

The act of being inspired is predicated on motivation. Without motivation or knowing “why” you want to do something, finding inspiration becomes nearly impossible. Hannah’s pursuit of her dream career is inspiring because it’s clear that she’s found her “why.” She doesn’t need to ask herself why she gets up early in the morning to work on patients or why she’s spent years in school pursuing a specific job; it’s just something she wants to do. Ultimately, this is perhaps what makes inspiration so ironic. Once you feel inspired, nothing feels like work.  

In light of the New Year, I’m reflecting on what keeps me inspired. I’m inspired by the fact that I have so many friends, family, and colleagues who find so much purpose in their work. Inspiration is a contagious feeling, and I’m looking forward to passing it along in the New Year. Cheers!