The fine-tooth comb: Business security tuning

We know that things get missed. When you’re going through a merger or new systems are being implemented, oversights are natural.

netlogx’ highly-trained consultants will leave no stone unturned after your acquisition activity. We’ll work with you to determine which new areas of your business you feel need attention.

The changing needs of your business will all be served by your security architecture, produced by a consultant who will:

  • Prepare a detailed inventory of your current security solution
  • Identify the integration of any new systems
  • Develop a map of your business’s processes
  • Draw flow diagrams showing trust levels at stages through your company’s processes
  • Ensure that you understand the levels of security that are in place
  • Define any improvements which are needed
  • Work with your team to make sure the solution is put in place and tested

What are the benefits of this approach?

The consultant will take a total system approach to looking at how your technology integrates with your people and processes. This:

  • Ensures that the solution is appropriate to your company’s needs
  • Gives a clear picture of trust levels, at all stages, in your systems and processes
  • Makes sure that your solution is cost-effective as well as appropriate
  • Results in a solution compiled using in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technology issues