Purchasing is a key activity for all organizations and is especially critical for our Public Sector clients. Does your organization understand how to evaluate available procurement vehicles? Are thorough requirements identified and incorporated into your solicitations? Does your organization follow a structured, defensible evaluation process? netlogx has procurement experts who can support and guide you throughout the entire procurement process. Let us help you to:

  • Define the Vision
  • Understand the Landscape
  • Understand Procurement Rules
  • Communicate and Coordinate
  • Invest in Requirements
  • Develop Evaluation Options
  • Commit to the Evaluation Process

Not sure that you need assistance? Here are the signs:

  1. Frequent change orders resulting from missed requirements
  2. Proposal evaluations are difficult and time consuming
  3. Lack of procurement process knowledge

Competitive procurements can be challenging, but are critical to public sector organizations. netlogx has the expertise necessary to guide your organization through all aspects of the procurement lifecycle.