I’ve been an Indiana driver for over 16 years, and even though I would not call myself an expert driver on snow and ice, I usually have only minor issues with winter driving. But due to bad weather and road conditions, earlier this year I found myself stuck in a ditch on the side of the road. To say the least, this was not a good experience for me. Thankfully, I was not injured and my car had no damage, but I was stuck for about 1-½ hours until I could be towed out.

Even from this bad experience, I did learn a few things about the kindness of strangers. No less than 5 people and 1 police officer stopped to check on or help me. One gentleman even parked his car behind mine to insure no one slid off the road and into me. He stayed behind me for over 20 minutes until my tow arrived. And as I was being towed out, the police officer blocked one traffic lane. Even though many more people passed right by me, the six individuals who offered aid really showed that people are inherently good and are willing to help even if it does not benefit them.

netlogx embraces the Operating Principles of Integrity, Respect, Communication, Recognition, Empowerment, Accountability and Initiative as its Core Values and tries to integrate these principles into all business and personal interactions. Integrity is standing up for what you believe in. It is treating everyone equally and fairly, acting independent of others that do otherwise. There are at least six people that exemplified integrity on that snowy day, just as netlogx strives to demonstrate integrity to its clients, stakeholders, and employees.