“Beyond the misery: getting the implementation strategy right” – Presented by Thresette Briggs and Cindy Allen Stuckey

Tony Dungy, the renowned former football coach for the Indianapolis Colts once said that you don’t win on excuses, you win on execution.  He couldn’t be more right.  Today corporate America faces many challenges, and past history does NOT equal future success.  We can all think of examples of big companies that were main stream and growing, but today they’re gone.  Examples include Blockbuster Video, Circuit City, and many more.

There exists between strategy and implementation a gap that is the chasm between great planning and good intentions.  The difference between the companies that survive and thrive and those that don’t starts with planning.  In order to close this gap, our presenters suggested a new paradigm, or “neumation” which means a new way to look at implementation and by connecting with the staff to see, share, and do things differently.

The Seeing part includes looking at failure differently, through a new lens, acknowledging failure quickly and then shifting fast to correct.  You can use parts of failure that worked to achieve a quicker implementation.

The Sharing part includes communicating with complete transparency and empowering employees to keep the implementation on track.  Visibility of the CEO and other top leaders is important to solidify the importance and perception of the initiative, and assists in getting the word out both internally and externally to keep the momentum.

The Doing part includes physically taking action through intentions and behaviors to get things done.  Leader modeling shows the commitment, and moves the culture in a direction to support the change.  Aligning daily with behaviors and intentions you expect will help you bring about the outcome you desire.