Have you ever wanted to leave your employment because you were not given the tools and training to “move up” or achieve the next level? If you have, maybe now is the time to make a change to reach your potential, check us out at netlogx.  If not, then I wish you continued success in building your company’s future and meeting your goals, please check out netlogx’ consulting services and contact us if we can support your information and risk management challenges, we’d love to hear from you!

I feel fortunate to work for netlogx; its corporate operating principles, such as teamwork, respect, initiative, integrity, recognition and humor are in sync with my own.

Training and development in addition to accountability of the individual are also important to our leadership team, for it continuously enables teams to provide out of the box, and innovative solutions for our client’s challenges.  By utilizing these principles and having access to the netlogx company culture and foundation, I have pushed myself to get out of the box and embrace new opportunities.

For example, I was provided the opportunity to train and develop business process reengineering (BPR) skills several years ago, which I discovered was an untapped passion!  I would have never known, if not for netlogx. Our Business Process Reengineering (BPR) techniques enable us to visually show stakeholders their business processes to highlight successes and determine the root cause of challenges, then create a plan to overcome challenges and leverage efficiencies for the future. I liked BPR work because of the following:

It was a right-brain activity – drawing out processes for a business unit can bring out creativity as well as put stakeholder thoughts/ideas into visible documentation. Working with shapes and designs within MS Visio to tell the story of a process as stakeholders are explaining it in a meeting brings out conversation, collaboration, agreement and discord; all of which are healthy for development of a process.

Problem Solving –  To clarify understanding between stakeholders, identify waste and manual processes which can be revised or automated to make the overall process more efficient is rewarding for all involved.

Sheer enjoyment! – I can get immersed in mapping processes and love to simplify complex processes so that understanding can be reached.  There was one time on a long car ride, that I mapped out some processes for my husband’s company because he mentioned having issues with a step in his overall process. So, I did it just for fun!  I sent the final process maps to his organization to illustrate how helpful the data can be in identifying issues, and bottlenecks as well as what worked in their current process.  It provided more clarity on the source of the underlying issues and allowed them to discuss with appropriate departments to resolve.

I am grateful that netlogx listened and acted on my desire to train for the BPR opportunity. With some helpful tools, hard work, mentors and practice, I became proficient in MS Visio business process mapping, and eventually was able to train others.  Clients were amazed at the work our team produced for their analysis and strategic planning. I continue to look forward to the next opportunity at netlogx, and be part of a diverse, experienced team who has knowledge to share, and lessons to learn in each of our client engagements.  Thanks for all you have done for me, netlogx!