About Laura Shanahan

Laura is a Consultant with over 20 years of client relations and staffing experience.

Gratitude Wish in El Camino

By |2022-12-06T09:59:02-05:00December 6th, 2022|

Endorsing charitable causes/events seems to be an important part of an organization’s culture, and netlogx is no exception. Second Helpings and Dress for Success are examples of charities which netlogx has supported over the years. And netlogx has provided team members with opportunities to support people and organizations with immediate, critical needs based [...]

Sunshine, My only Sunshine

By |2021-12-22T09:33:20-05:00February 3rd, 2022|

From a project manager (PM) viewpoint, a project coordinator (PCr) is the “Sunshine that makes me happy” throughout the day…And every project manager that I know would say: “Please don’t take my sunshine away”! A PCr is a critical component to a project team’s success and one of the hallmarks of a netlogx project [...]


By |2021-06-17T10:47:24-04:00June 17th, 2021|

Imagine my surprise when my sister randomly called me in April to ask if I would be interested in traveling to Florida to spend time with her, my niece and nephew!  After all we have been through over the past year, working/school at home and having to be socially distanced from others, getting away [...]

Deterring Cyber-Creepers On The Web

By |2021-11-08T13:47:08-05:00October 16th, 2020|

If you are like me, you access multiple websites, each requiring a different username and password format to set up an account. Over time, keeping track of my accounts and passwords has been a difficult task, and recalling that information (letters, numbers) when and where it is needed can be frustrating and time-consuming. Tracking [...]

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