Gratitude Wish

Endorsing charitable causes/events seems to be an important part of an organization’s culture, and netlogx is no exception. Second Helpings and Dress for Success are examples of charities which netlogx has supported over the years. And netlogx has provided team members with opportunities to support people and organizations with immediate, critical needs based on current events, locally and abroad. Additionally, we are provided volunteer hours to give our time to support our communities, or charitable organizations which are important to us, as individuals. At times, we have even earned bonuses to target our favorite charity, so we can support personal causes near and dear to our hearts.  If an individual does not utilize their yearly wellness bonus, a portion of those funds can be sent to charitable organizations, too.  

I think “paying it forward” or having a “giving spirit”, allows us to embrace humanness.  In fact, I recently found a book, Human Kind, which is on my reading list, to help me stay in the gratefulness mindset.  The ability to give gifts of time, talent, or treasure to humankind in some way just feels good and exudes positivity and gratefulness to the world around us. I am so grateful that netlogx enables us to support others. 

In 2022, I have given my time and treasure to the ALS organization by participating in the Indianapolis walk, and supporting the St. Louis, MO walk. Next year, I will be walking a portion of the El Camino in Spain and dedicating my walk to raise ALS awareness, and to check off a bucket list item!  I am grateful to netlogx for helping me earn extra cash to purchase my supplies, by offering a wellness benefit and gratefulness bonus this year. The monthly netlogx walking challenge has prepared me physically over the year for the trip as well! I’ve done some research on the El Camino walk and created a list of recommended items: walking and recovery shoes, hat, socks, day pack for hiking and other sundries for the trip – and most notably sunscreen and sunglasses!  

El Camino landscape

I am so looking forward to striking off that bucket list item and a netlogx “Before I die” wall item, all before I get to retirement age!  In addition, I can’t wait to reflect on the 5-6 day walk; all while supporting ALS awareness and meeting fellow hikers from around the globe. As they say in Spain, Buen Camino! Muchas Gracias, netlogx!