We experience change every day of our lives.  From the moment we are born, our education, work life, body, mind, and environment has changed, and will continue to do so. The real question is does “chain-ge” bind us or challenge us to break it?

In my personal life, “chain-ge” was forced on me, and I felt bound by it. To increase my quality of life, my doctor recommended I eliminate dairy from my diet after 40+ years of eating it! For about a year afterward, I had no desire to eat anything, and felt trapped that I could not enjoy dining out with friends and family due to my restrictive diet. 

Since March 2020, the “chain-ge” forced on me was broken! To make good use of my time indoors, I challenged myself to start planning healthy, savory meals without dairy. I researched dairy-free ingredients and recipes, read some books on the dairy free lifestyle, and engaged in services such as online ordering, curbside pickup, and to-your door delivery. With the rise in vegan and vegetarian products, there is a much wider selection in grocery stores and restaurants than ever before, and our family made it a practice to support local businesses by engaging in take-out Thursdays. Adapting to the change has opened opportunities and habits making me more efficient and healthier.

As a consumer and consultant, witnessing the transformation of enterprises adapting to consumer buying habits, such as mine, and forced environmental and logistic changes, especially since March 2020, has been nothing short of amazing! Communities are supporting small businesses, and large corporations are adapting their processes to support shifts in demand. Families have modified living spaces to accommodate for virtual education and work, too.  I know of several charity events which were moved to virtual as well, which enabled continued funding for their respective causes.  Enterprises have broken the “chain-ge” forced upon them and have even thrived.  

At netlogx, part of our mission is to empower public and private sector organizations to survive and thrive in a dangerous world full of uncertainty and to break through “chain-ge” and make it work for you. It is our core mission to help enterprises solve complex business challenges with our six core services, which are needed now more than ever with additional regulations and business “chain-ges” being forced upon us.  If you need support or want to partner with us to support enterprise change, feel free to request a consultation anytime.