There is always room for an organization to grow and improve its services and the quality in which they run their business. Often that means that the implementation of a great idea to better a business needs to be handled as a larger project. But this is also where some things begin to break down, and a client realizes it may take more than they can handle.

Sometimes the scale of a project feels too large because the client also has to continue to run the business and lacks the time to manage the implementation properly. Other times they find they underestimated the impact of the project across the organization, and they need an impartial person that can pull all the pieces into a cohesive plan.

That’s where netlogx comes in with Crisis or Rescue Project Management. As businesses begin to understand the amount of work required to capture and track all the moving pieces of a project, many look to netlogx as a resource to help struggling projects get back on track.

As I’ve progressed in this role at netlogx, one of the main lessons I’ve learned is to actively listen, even if I’ve been brought into the project because of prior experience and working knowledge. Every client is different, and it’s essential to listen and respect the work the client has done. This allows us to learn more about the project and foster trust with the client.

Another important takeaway is to get a full understanding of what project success means for the client. Is it the implementation of a new process or piece of technology, or is it the results from that implementation? For a consistent view of the activities and risks involved in the success of the project, one central team should focus on just the specific rescue project,  allowing them to participate across all areas of the project.

Every organization has taken on a project or two that they were not able to manage or control, resulting in wasted resources as the project continues to struggle to meet its goals. If your organization has taken on a project that has gotten out of hand, netlogx’ organized consistent approach to Crisis or Rescue Project Management can help you get it back on track.

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