I recently started reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, and one of the chapters talks about the process and systems you need to put into place in order to achieve the things you want to achieve. He talks about how goals are not what you want to strive for—it’s the process and the systems you put in place that ultimately impact your progress. 

At first glance, it seems funny not to want to create and strive for your goals. After working at netlogx, I have a complete understanding of why that is true. At netlogx, we work with our clients to create better systems and everyday processes to make the challenge they have previously faced easier moving forward. It’s the small things implemented every day that create the biggest impact.

The same goes for personal goals or achievements. We have a monthly walking step challenge at netlogx, and I have loved being a part of it. At first, I was focused on getting the most steps by the end of the month, and no matter how many times I walked my dogs around the block, it wasn’t adding up. This month, I have tried to set up processes where I walk to hit a certain number of miles each day, or just be active in general for a certain amount of time daily. Since implementing this process, I have surpassed my steps from last month and maintained staying active.

Whether in work or your personal life, implementing processes that help to create better habits really can impact your day-to-day life. James Clear said it best, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”