netlogx as an organization, and myself, personally, believe that project coordinators (PCr) always make a large impact on project management. It doesn’t take long for our clients to figure out how much weight a PCr can carry and the value they bring to any project. 

Think of a project manager (PM) in terms of high-level success of the project. They are responsible for meeting with project stakeholders at the beginning of a project to define goals, objectives, schedules, budgets, and resource needs. Then they ensure that those defined items are met in order to reach a successful project completion. 

When it comes to PCrs, you can think of all the detail-oriented activities that need to be completed and communicated in order to support the success roadmap outlined by the PM. They are responsible for a wide range of coordination activities, ranging from scheduling meetings, scribing meeting minutes, logging and tracking action items, risk, issues, and decisions, and assisting the PM and other project staff with ad hoc tasks. Coordination and communication are key PCr skills. A few others include:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Organization
  • Team players
  • Not afraid to ask questions

One of the major reasons PCrs are so valuable to a project is because the items they are responsible for absolutely need to be done in order to run a smooth project. By implementing the value of PCr resources, the PM and other client resources are able to focus strictly on tracking the project to success. Alleviating the PM of coordination activities frees up time for the PM and keeps all stakeholders on the same page. 

Here’s a great example of a PCr making a large impact on a project through a large manual lift. There was an oversight on the project that caused a planned technical practice to be unavailable to the team. In order to keep the project on track and prevent a delayed timeline, the work needed to be performed manually, creating templates and filling in information from many documents. With the help of the PCrs, we were able to complete the manual tasks in a short time, keeping the project on track.

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