With the final installment of our project management series, we finish with the remaining pillar on how to close a project with precision and care.  Learn how having a professional team makes all the difference with seeing a project from start to finish. 

Project Closure and Completion Services

Closing a project down must be done carefully. It’s the stage of a project that’s as important as any other, and there are major challenges that can obstruct its completion:

  • Staff may be needed for more pressing projects
  • Staff may lack motivation if a project is canceled early
  • Poor project management can lead to a lack of understanding of project closure activities
  • Project documentation

These netlogx services are useful when clients want to transition project team members to other immediate work areas. We’ll assist your business in getting the right completion, product roll-out, start-up, and commissioning activities in place, together with the proper organizational ramp-up requirements.

We’ll independently review your project’s performance by looking at the current health of projects, lessons learned, and independent validation of projects and processes. We’ll look at the circumstances of your project before deciding whether closing it is for the best. This might apply to:

  • Premature, perpetual, or failed projects
  • Projects where priorities have changed
  • Project closure process

When all factors have been considered, we might find ourselves in a situation where a project faces closure. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need after a project is declared complete, including:

  • Producing validated “in process” documentation
  • Ensuring that project documentation is implemented
  • The development of effective archiving practices
Project Closure and Completion graphic

Our Approach to Project and Program Management

Long-term, sustained project success only happens with input, effort, and buy-in from everyone, top to bottom. Our consultants always keep in mind that projects are a team effort and that there wouldn’t be a project team if one person could do it all themselves.

netlogx’ servant leadership approach emphasizes the development of workers under the leader to better the team as a whole. We work with supporting roles like project coordinators and are always on the lookout for opportunities to give them more responsibilities and lead them toward more management duties. While there is still a structure to the way we manage projects and programs, a servant leader project manager is just as likely to take meeting minutes as a project coordinator. We operate under the maxim, “Don’t ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself”.

netlogx approaches every project with a foundation of industry-accepted disciplines, standards, and our experience in delivering successful projects. The netlogx approach to project management is structured in alignment with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). While the triple constraints (time, cost, and scope) are important to every project, success also hinges on quality, benefits, and risks. A project managed to time, cost, and scope can still fall short of organizational expectations if quality, benefits, and risks are not addressed and managed.

pyramid graphic

What sets netlogx project management methods apart from others is a focus on results, driven by continually improved processes that culminate in projects that are viewed as successful in the eyes of our stakeholders. netlogx can help map out a clear plan to ensure the outcome meets the goals of your project. Our experienced project managers guide organizations throughout the entire lifecycle of our clients’ projects.

Our range of specialists also includes:

  • Technical project managers with specialist industry knowledge, whose services are utilized for time spans of a few days to a few months
  • Highly-qualified project executives who serve either Chief Project Officers on corporate recovery teams, or who work with project directors or managers on an interim basis
  • Services for the set-up, staffing, or assessment of the increasingly important Project Management Office (PMO) approach

We’re here to guide you through your business’s complex problems and drive continuous improvement. Your approach to programs will be more consistent and you will see greater visibility into how they work.

Our project and risk management services give you the power to manage your business, rather than your business managing you. Reach out to us today to see how netlogx can help your organization.