Change is often exciting and much-needed. Take the example of a local hospital building a new facility. Community members would likely be very excited at the idea of a new medical care facility, especially if it was conveniently located and near a previously underserved community. They would picture new, cutting edge equipment that could make a big difference to their health. But that same excitement may not be shared by current hospital employees. Instead, they might be worried about learning new “state-of-the-art” technologies or losing access to the resources they once had. Not to mention a changing client base and communication methods. 

So, what’s the hospital administration to do? Implement change management strategies. When organizations take on big changes with confidence and coordination, it’s a win for everyone. netlogx is here to help local organizations in all industries take on change with ease. Learn more about the steps of change management and how you can streamline the process. 

Embracing Change Management 

No matter the size of change or how beneficial the end result may be, change produces anxiety and fear of the unknown. However, when you embrace organizational change management (OCM), you can reduce stress and anticipate issues before they occur. Having an organization change management plan is a comprehensive, structured approach to preparing for change at all levels of an organization. This process is instrumental in coming out better on the other side of a massive change. 

Steps to Successful Change Management 

Successful change management doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a multi-step process that requires lots of planning and coordination. While every business is different, here are a few steps we recommend for general change management: 

  1. Initial Change Review – Once the change has been proposed, it should be examined to determine alignment with the organization’s mission and goals. Consider the effects it might have on employees, vendors, customers, and your bottom line.  
  2. Pre-Change Measurements – Implement change management surveys to start collecting data for pre-change management. Monitor problem areas and propose potential solutions.
  3. Identify Impact – Take another minute to evaluate the impact of the change on all stakeholders. Try to look at the change from all angles. How does this affect the customer? What about office employees or floor workers? 
  4. Promote Communication – A communication strategy should be implemented with all areas impacted by the change.  Encourage employee dialogue and attempt to create a positive energy during conversations about change. The netlogx team can help you come up with an airtight communication plan for change management. 
  5. Process Review – Hold information sessions with each affected department. Use this time to learn more about efficient ways of implementing change and invite employees to participate in the conversation. 
  6. Training – Create comprehensive training modules for all employees affected by change. Try to begin training before the change is implemented so everyone is familiar with the new process right away. 
  7. Implementation Support – Change isn’t easy for everyone, so it’s important to develop a support system for team members. Have resources available to address questions, concerns and issues that might arise during implementation. Our change management hub has lots of resources our clients use to support their efforts. 

Taking a Look at the Results 

Once your new process or structure is fully implemented, it’s time to look at the results. Go back to the measurements you took initially and get updated data from your team members. How have the results changed? If your change management strategy was effective, you’re likely to see boosts in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue. Reviewing these measurements is also a great way to identify even more opportunities for improvement. 

Conquer Organizational Change Management with netlogx

Need some help navigating the waters of change? Whether you’re an administrator at an expanding hospital or an executive at a growing accounting firm, netlogx is here to make the process much less daunting. Our experienced consultants will listen to your unique needs and recommend strategies for getting your employees, vendors, and shareholders on board with organizational change. Request a consultation with us today.