Inspiration: This year’s HR initiative at netlogx is INSPIRATION, which got me thinking about who or what inspires me. So many things and people came to mind, and it was hard to know where to start!

Upon reflection, I find the power of nature awe-inspiring. The sheer brute force of Mother Nature, as seen in natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, and so on, is remarkable. Watching a big thunderstorm rumble by and lighting up the night sky is something to behold. It certainly serves as a reminder of how we are tiny cogs in a much bigger and more powerful machine.

I recently crossed the Atlantic and marveled at the enormity of the ocean, as shown via the flight tracker as our journey progressed. I remember trying to contemplate just how deep the ocean must be, which is mind-boggling! As I’m not a huge fan of flying, I stopped that train of thought quite quickly; however, once again, it made me realize how immense nature is.

Inspiration Sunsets

Pachamama (or Mother Earth, as the Indigenous people of the Andes refer to her as) has a persuasive way of helping to change moods and emotions. It does not have to be a “biblical storm,” as I like to refer to them as, but perhaps seeing a sweet-smelling, beautiful blossom tree after a long, dark winter. It may be the crisp smell of newly mowed grass or fluffy clouds dancing in a perfect blue sky. It could be the serene sound of waves lapping the sand or a cool, fresh morning with the day ahead full of endless possibilities.

For me, I’m most regularly inspired by the breathtaking sunsets I am privileged to witness where I live. They always have a way of putting things into perspective for me and make me both grateful and humbled by the simple gifts that nature offers us each day. I hope I never stop being inspired by them!