About Joan Callahan

Joan is a Consultant with over 30 years of experience in Project Management, manufacturing engineering and software development, and validation.

Family Ties

By |2020-04-23T18:26:31-04:00December 26th, 2019|

I have had an item on my bucket list for a long time, but I didn’t think it was very realistic. I wanted to experience the kind of fairytale family reunions that my husband’s family had, and that he had been telling me about for years. His family would come from all over the country [...]

Holiday Magic

By |2020-03-13T12:10:42-04:00December 25th, 2019|

I’m going to tell you a story about Christmas magic, not some hokey Hallmark Channel magic, but the real deal. This magic happened every year when I was a kid and it is so real to me that I can still feel the excitement every time I tell the story. The Christmas season didn’t start [...]

National Inventors’ Day

By |2021-07-30T12:55:45-04:00February 8th, 2018|

February 11th is National Inventors’ Day. I’m sure everyone’s thoughts go to Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Joy Mangano, or Ron Popeil (It slices! It dices!) People’s perceptions about invention trend toward gadgets that come out of basement workshops or massive research facilities. But that’s kind of a narrow definition of invention. And inventors are not [...]

Learning New Things about Crucial Conversations

By |2020-04-05T16:00:22-04:00February 16th, 2017|

I recently attended a seminar on the subject of the book, Crucial Conversations , given by Master Trainer, J.D. Taylor from Vital Smarts®. I am intensely interested in the principles taught in Crucial Conversations and have used the techniques taught in the book both at work and in my personal life. At netlogx, we have [...]

Project Management Skills Begin Early

By |2020-04-05T16:03:47-04:00December 29th, 2016|

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a small group of young people (still in college) who were interested in our company and what we do and how there might be a fit with their career goals. This led to me telling part of the story of my career and to this blog post. [...]

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