At netlogx we believe in challenging the status quo by carefully and deliberately assessing the risks inherent in complex enterprise information problems. If you want to gain key skills in a fast-paced work environment to help kick-start your professional development, then we want to inspire you to go further.


Ideal candidate would be a results-oriented, highly motivated, analytically-minded college/university undergraduate.

Key skills include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills


  • Gain key skills in a fast-paced, realistic work environment to help kick-start your professional development
  • Work on a variety of tasks and assume ownership for at least one project during your internship
  • Participate in a structured review and evaluation program in which you will receive regular feedback aimed to drive your professional development
  • Take part in a Mentor Program designed to provide information, encouragement and support to help you succeed
  • Attend regular team building events
  • Attend ad-hoc training sessions
  • Receive a final evaluation report upon successful completion of the internship


One of the key advantages of the netlogx Intern Development Program is its flexibility:

  • Gain experience over a traditional summer internship or
  • Gain experience on an ongoing part-time schedule throughout the school year


Work at our corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.


  • Our talented and highly experienced netlogx team members create an exceptional and professional working environment allowing you to learn first-hand from their expertise
  • Although Interns are not eligible to participate the benefits package detailed on the Career Opportunities page, you will receive competitive hourly pay throughout the Intern Development Program

If you are interested in any of our open positions, or in learning more about our career opportunities, please share your details with us at

netlogx Intern Testimonials

My internship experience at netlogx through the intern development program has been invaluable to my future as a professional. I’ve learned skills that will carry over not only into my professional career, but also into my educational pursuit. From project management to project coordination, netlogx provided me with an opportunity to get an inside look at what each job entitled and how I can individually impact a client facing project. The team at netlogx took me under their wings and guided me through one of the greatest internship experiences I have participated in. I am truly grateful for my time at netlogx.

Matt Niehoff, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

My time at netlogx has helped me grow both in my professional career and my development as a human being. I have been awarded opportunities that have helped further myself along the path to success and opportunities that have taught the importance of being a kind and personable individual on top of being intellectual and professional. These are skills that I will cherish moving forward in my career.

Joe Harrison, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

I have really enjoyed my experience as a summer intern at netlogx. They offered me so many opportunities to grow professionally. This summer I have been able to contribute to the internal growth of the company as well as gain experience working with clients. netlogx has an amazing culture. My thoughts and ideas were always respected and never once did I feel less important to the team. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the summer with such an amazing group of people and I am thankful for all the opportunities and experiences netlogx has offered me.

Sidney Harris, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

My internship with netlogx has been extraordinarily remarkable, unquestionably life-changing. I have taken in numerous new lessons from the different projects that were designated to me, and additionally gained from the other interns and netlogx team-members. I enjoy being here and sincerely I think I will miss it. netlogx has taught me numerous things about the business world, and it has been an opportunity worth taking. netlogx team is doing an incredible job, by making this a remarkable and unique organization. I will always be grateful to the Indiana Latino Institute and netlogx for this phenomenal experience, this internship has surpassed my expectations, and has taken me to another level in my professional development. I will always cherish the moments in which everyone at netlogx was very supportive, and helped me through tough personal times; my mom and I will always be grateful.

Karla Nerio, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

Being a part of the Internship Development Program (IDP) at netlogx has been a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any college student wanting to get three steps ahead of the competition. Rather than taking the position of “the intern”, you take the role of a team member and are held as equally responsible as anyone else. With this experience at netlogx I have been able to learn a lot about how a company operates and take control of my own projects in the way that I deem most efficient. It is a great work environment that facilitates your needs and provides you with enough guidance and room to grow into a well-rounded professional.

Holden Miller, netlogx Summer Intern 2014

The Internship Development Program (IDP) at netlogx afforded me to gain valuable work and life experience that I will carry with me the rest of my career. I have spent the last four months dealing with various tasks and projects while learning many new useful and practical skills. Next to sourcing, marketing and participating in the organization of daily activities, the most valuable experience I gained from the IDP is working in a team. Within my team, my fantastic team, we developed processes and strategies to support the stafflogx division, the opportunity to have worked with so many smart people collaborating together was a lot of work but also fun. netlogx has a great work environment and is certainly a great stepping stone after graduation. I have met important networking contacts that I intend to keep in contact with for years to come.

Sarah Jacobsma, netlogx Intern 2013-2014

I could not have asked for more from the netlogx internship. netlogx gave me a surprising amount of autonomy to pursue projects I was interested in while at the same time finding a way to teach me valuable and tangible skills I can use in the future. It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this.

Xiao Ou Yuan, netlogx Summer Intern 2013

The Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) has provided me with a marvelous opportunity to participate as an intern at netlogx’s corporate office in downtown Indianapolis. As a member of the netlogx team I’ve been presented with a vast amount of work experience and professional training of which I plan to implement in my future employment. I am immensely grateful to netlogx for the opportunity to learn from a fantastic company.

Mauricio Acuña – netlogx Summer Intern 2013

The netlogx Internship Development Program has prepared me well for my professional career. Each day brought various situations forcing me to make decisions on my own and learn from my successes and failures. Even as an intern, netlogx gave me a chance to explore a variety of roles, allowing me to develop valuable skills. My expectations of netlogx were not only met but surpassed, I feel privileged to have been given this awesome opportunity.

Alex Green – netlogx Summer Intern 2013

My internship at netlogx was more than I could have ever hoped for. I gained valuable experience which I can use later in my career, I came away with tangible accomplishments, and I learned some of how the business world functions. All of these things make interning at netlogx a wonderful opportunity, which I am glad I took. The Intern Development Program was everything I thought it would be and more.

Henry Will – netlogx Summer Intern 2012

Participating in the netlogx Intern Development Program gave me the opportunity to gain professional work experience while working with and learning from a team of industry-leading consultants. Even as an intern, I always felt like a valuable member of the team and was given opportunities to contribute to both internal netlogx endeavors and external client projects. Now, as a full-time team member in the netlogx Fast Track Program, I can clearly recognize the invaluable lessons and experience I gained as an intern and would highly recommend the Intern Program to any college students looking to gain professional work experience.

Sara Jordan – netlogx Summer Intern 2010, 2011