If you want to join our award-winning Intern Development Program and gain key skills in a fast-paced work environment to help kick-start your professional development, then we want to inspire you to go further!


Ideal candidate would be a results-oriented, highly motivated, analytically-minded college/university undergraduate.

Key skills include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills


  • Gain key skills in a fast-paced, realistic work environment to help kick-start your professional development
  • Work on a variety of tasks and assume ownership for at least one project during your internship
  • Participate in a structured review and evaluation program in which you will receive regular feedback aimed to drive your professional development
  • Take part in a Mentor Program designed to provide information, encouragement and support to help you succeed
  • Attend regular team building events
  • Attend ad-hoc training sessions
  • Receive a final evaluation report upon successful completion of the internship


One of the key advantages of the netlogx Intern Development Program is its flexibility:

  • Gain experience over a traditional summer internship or
  • Gain experience on an ongoing part-time schedule throughout the school year


Wherever you like to get work done! We’re a completely remote workforce with a corporate office in Indianapolis.


  • Our talented and highly experienced netlogx team members create an exceptional and professional working environment allowing you to learn first-hand from their expertise
  • Although Interns are not eligible to participate the benefits package detailed on the Career Opportunities page, you will receive competitive hourly pay throughout the Intern Development Program

Proud recipients of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce INTERN.net IMPACT Awards for 

  • Intern Employer of the Year (2015)
  • Intern Supervisor of the Year (2019)
  • Nominated for Intern of the Year (2019)
  • Intern of the Year (2020)

If you are interested in any of our open positions, or in learning more about our career opportunities, please share your details with us at [email protected].

netlogx Intern Testimonials

The Intern Development Program has been an extremely rewarding process that I am grateful to have been a part of. Coming into the summer, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but the intern team goes out of their way to make this a meaningful experience, providing tasks with a legitimate impact on its stakeholders while also helping interns develop in all areas of professionalism. Being an intern at netlogx means being a legitimate team member with creative freedom and an important voice in the discussion.

Varun Jauhri, 2022 netlogx Summer Intern

As an Economic Consulting major, I have gotten the chance to work on various projects and cases in and out of class. However, I had never gotten to work on a project that would be used in a real business context until I interned at netlogx.

The intern program at netlogx focuses on interns’ goal progression more than any other job I have had. Intern supervisors want to see you thrive, and you get the opportunity to choose projects that are meaningful to you. The environment is both structured and relaxed, and remote work does not feel secluded with daily touchpoints and ease of communication.

Even if they were not directly involved in the internship program, netlogx team members were enthusiastic and always willing to help. I truly value the mentorship I gained and the experiences I’ve had through this internship.

Kate Snelling, Summer Intern 2022 netlogx

This is my second time working at netlogx, and I can say that an already great experience was made even better. I had projects targeted to my interest, such as getting to work on creating a presentation for the netlogx’ Learning Management System, TalentLMS, with a focus on policy. This isn’t an ordinary internship where you’re made to get coffee or scan papers. You can tell when working here that people value your input, and that you’re working on projects that will have an impact on the company after you’re gone.

Throughout my internship, other employees would regularly take time out of their day to check in on me and the other interns, getting to know us and offering help. The feedback you receive is something that you can carry on with you to help you in the future. They make sure to highlight your strengths as much as your areas of development, if not more so, and everything is said with kindness that lets you know people want the best for you. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked here twice, I have truly grown and developed while here.

Louis Morris, Summer Intern 2022 netlogx

There are so many ways I could say this but the intern development program at netlogx is absolutely incredible. As an intern I have had the opportunity to see how the company operates from various points of view and have gotten assigned meaningful projects. netlogx truly wants to see you grow and exceeded my expectations of a summer internship and what it could do for me. One of the great things about netlogx is the commitment to team members, which is evident throughout the culture of the company.

As a Finance major with a minor in Accounting, they allowed me to take my experiences in the classroom to the work setting by enabling me to see some of the financial processes of the company as well as work directly with executives to help make processes more efficient. netlogx provided me with experiences that I may not have gotten somewhere else like having the opportunity to work on my presentation skills. For example, I presented to the entire company at the company-wide team building meeting about the implementation of Google Forms. I also got to participate in the intern book club with fellow team members which taught me many lessons about how to be the best professional I can be.

As an aspiring professional, they also spent many hours with me helping me with my resume and with my LinkedIn profile. netlogx is truly committed to your professional development and I would highly recommend applying to be an intern at netlogx as the lessons you learn are invaluable and you will take them with you for the rest of your life.

Zach Schankerman, Summer Intern 2021 netlogx

I am so thankful for my time as an intern at netlogx.  When I began looking for internships, I was worried I would spend my summer doing menial tasks, but that is not the experience I had at netlogx.  I was given the opportunity to grow professionally while gaining real work experience.  I worked on projects that not only had a real purpose and meaning, but that I was genuinely interested in.  It was amazing to see that the work I did was purposeful and would be used even after I was gone.

Everyone at netlogx genuinely wants to see you grow and thrive.  I had the opportunity to meet with many netlogx members who showed an interest in seeing me learn and gain the skills necessary to be successful.  Thank you to Abbey Szentes and everyone that worked with me during my time with netlogx.  I will forever be thankful for everything I learned during this internship program.

Hali Lucas, Summer Intern 2021 netlogx

The communication skills, professionalism, and connections that I have developed through my summer at netlogx are invaluable and will stick with me throughout my career; I can’t thank the netlogx team members enough for mentoring me during this internship.

Erin Moher, Summer Intern 2019 netlogx

I have enjoyed many aspects of this internship, such as the free lunches every time we had book club, and the free pizza buffet we had during the team building meeting. Not only have I enjoyed all the free food, but I have loved every second of getting to know all of the employees of netlogx. I have learned so much since starting my internship position at netlogx. I learned so much from the book we read at book club, and not only that, but the people here have taught me many valuable points for my future. I have bettered myself and have gained so much business experience. I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with netlogx, and I will continue to use what I have learned in this internship for my future internships and future jobs.

Sandra Villalobos, Summer Intern 2019 netlogx

I have been given the opportunity to work on several projects during my time here at netlogx. I’ve been working on a dashboard reporting project for most of the summer where I am looking into alternatives for our current Pipedrive software, looking specifically at key features that Stephanie Sponsel would like to see implemented in the system. Playing around with numerous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools taught me a lot about how business software works, which lead me to develop skills in these different software programs that I will be able to leverage in future job interviews.

Parker Shortridge, Summer Intern 2019 netlogx

The Intern Development Program has helped me gain experience I would not typically be able to find, especially as a high school student. I was an actual part of projects, and I was given a level of autonomy that allowed for me to take the lead on some parts of projects that I would not usually be given. The entire netlogx team treated everyone including the interns with respect. I will definitely be able to take the experience I got from here into not only my work life, but also daily life.

Louis Morris, Summer Intern 2018 netlogx

When we were approached to put together an article as interns pertaining to my intern experience, I was somewhat conflicted. You could argue that I’ve had perhaps the longest run of any internship anyone has ever had here at netlogx, at least in an unofficial capacity. Between all the years I spent with Mum and Dad moving kit in and out of the offices, or building desks with my brother, or attending the parties, or tidying up closets, or organizing the giveaway swag, I have something of an idea of what this place has felt like to be in. The Stutz building has always felt like another home to me.

This summer I’m finally doing things properly. I joined as a real intern, and took on onboarding and intern projects with the rest of the team. Getting into the fold of a program like this that has won awards on its developmental benefits is amazing. The team runs a tight ship, and I have nothing but praise for it so far. I’ve been very lucky to work on a project that uses my degree experience in media, but I’ve also had the chance to shore up areas that I’m not as confident in like on the management side of things.

Tom Taylor, Summer Intern 2018 netlogx

My internship has been extremely interesting and informational. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity to grow as a young professional and gain Human Resource (HR) exposure and experience like never imaginable. From talking about internship experiences with classmates and friends, I am certain I have one of the best internships
So far, I have sat in on two six-month reviews. I gained so much real-life experience on how I want to conduct my reviews in my future career. (Hint: My reviews are going to look a lot like Vicki’s!) Through my knowledge from college courses, I realized that netlogx uses the most effective and most recommended way of conducting reviews. So, don’t complain next time you have an evaluation to fill out! I have also had the opportunity to attend RESOLVE, which is a HR conference. I sat with HR professionals, while listening to other HR professionals present their topics. I learned and networked through this conference, which I would not have had the opportunity to any other way! I have had the chance to onboard the other three interns this summer, which has given me real-world and hands-on experience.

I am also one of this summer’s intern’s acting supervisor, where I will conduct her Weekly Touch Point Meetings and her Final Review. I have also been able to assist on projects like updating onboarding presentations and checklists and coordinating June’s Team Building Meeting, Brainstorming for New Business Ideas Meeting, and Fast Track Training Day. Finally, I have and am currently researching various HR tools, like Learning Management Systems and timekeeping programs, that can assist netlogx in the future. Due to space constraints, this is only some of the tasks I have been able to accomplish at netlogx so far. I have enjoyed my time here deeply and thank everyone who has made my experience so impactful.

Abbey Szentes, Summer Intern 2018 netlogx

I wouldn’t have thought that an internship could give me an actual real-world experience like I have here at netlogx. At the beginning I had big expectations from this internship and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I love the atmosphere at the office, everybody actually cares for each other, we work as a team to accomplish the same goal-seeking for opportunities to make each other better. Interacting with Nick Taylor, Niquita Stephenson and Kevin Olson I have learned so much in such a short amount of time that I just feel even more passionate for the IT/Cyber Security field. Being able to go to an actual meeting at the office of the attorney general Curtis T. Hill with Wendy Maple trying to provide our services and seeing a real-world scenario where not only IT/Cyber Security skills were required, but to have a business mind acting like a consultant at the same time it was mind blowing!

Overall, my experience is a 100/10 and I recommend it to everybody that is willing to work hard, has a vision and wants to be successful because in this company it is all about success. “I can’t” or “Impossible” aren’t words that exist in our vocabulary. To conclude, I’m honored to form part of this program and I can say that Diane Walton and Audrey Taylor made sure to make this internship a great learning opportunity!

Axel Santana, Summer Intern 2018 netlogx

I am so grateful for my time as an intern at netlogx because I was faced with challenges and new circumstances that pushed me out of my comfort zone, such as providing staff augmentation to the Indiana State Government and working directly with the CEO of a local nonprofit. Every member of the team treated me with respect and believed in me, even when I doubted my own abilities. netlogx provided me with the flexibility to pursue opportunities that would help me learn and develop new skills, even though they were not originally planned, such as creating a video about an intern project that was published on the netlogx website. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work for netlogx and for a great summer!

Ria Rebein, Summer Intern 2017 netlogx

My internship at netlogx included many experiences that developed skills that can be applied day-to-day both personally and professionally. The wide range of projects in the internship allowed me to increase my ability to be adaptable and understand the importance of time management. The company and team members of netlogx truly believe in one another to produce the best possible work. This environment is contagious to the interns, and pushes each of us to strive to meet the high standards set by the company. netlogx has provided an excellent internship experience with ample opportunities to participate in different practices of the company, while enabling the interns to focus on specific individual areas of interest.

Trent Kabrich, Summer Intern 2017 netlogx

The experience I have gained while serving in the Intern Development Program at netlogx has been invaluable. I have gotten the chance to work alongside several unique personalities, all of which have influenced me in one way or another. I am certain that this experience is characteristic of the Intern Development Program at netlogx, mostly in part due to the open-minded and welcoming culture that the entire netlogx team contributes to. In addition to building character, netlogx also provided me with extensive opportunities to grow professionally. I will be forever grateful for my experience with a company as extraordinary as netlogx.

Jesus Marcial, Summer Intern 2017 netlogx

My summer at netlogx was filled with opportunities for me to grow professionally and personally. My experience has enabled me to develop a wide range of professional skills from project management to technical writing. The team at netlogx introduced me to the professional world and guided me toward success by openly sharing their wealth of knowledge throughout the internship. netlogx has fostered an atmosphere of respect and integrity while encouraging openness and humor. I am grateful for the time I spent on the netlogx team and I will use the knowledge gained for the rest of my career.

Brendan Bard, Summer Intern 2017 netlogx

My time at netlogx was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I feel that I have grown much since the beginning of this internship. I have learned a lot of lessons during my time at netlogx. I have learned to multitask, prioritize tasks, communication skills, and patience with machines.

Learning to prioritize tasks is the greatest lesson learned that I took from this internship and something I will use in my daily life in and out of the professional world. With my career focus to go into computer science, netlogx allowed me to work with their I.T. Administrator and help her with any tasks she needed to get done from installing Windows 10, to program compatibility errors. Doing these tasks in I.T. has taught me that patience is a key part of going into a technical profession. No task was too small or too big while I was helping in I.T.

One area I developed during my internship was my communication skills which was surprising as it was not something I was expecting – until I tried to answer the phone professionally. It was helpful to know that I had a skill that needed to be sharpened.

In my internship netlogx has treated me well and I am happy for the opportunity they have given me by allowing me to work in the company. The variety of tasks and the work environment was nice, and I have no complaints. netlogx honestly does a great job giving interns the learning experience they need to succeed in life.

Isaac Murillo, Summer Intern 2016 netlogx

Interning at netlogx has been a wonderful experience! I have had the opportunity to work at netlogx for the last two summers in a row and it truly impresses me how committed netlogx is to their people and what they do. Last summer I learned so much and was able to experience many different aspects of the company. After such an enriching experience I was curious to see what new experiences netlogx could offer this summer and they did not disappoint. I was given the opportunity to lead and manage a project that benefited Simon Youth Foundation, a charitable organization. I was also able to jump right back into the billable project I worked on last summer and offer valuable insight to the new team based on my experience from last summer. I would highly recommend the Intern Development Program to anyone who is looking for a great work environment and real-world experience.

Sidney Harris, Summer Intern 2016 netlogx

As I take a moment to reflect on my time working as an intern at netlogx, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of running errands and fetching coffee for the full-time team members, the netlogx Intern Development Program provides a sense of inclusion and encourages development. From researching potential clients for the company, to initiating and conducting a charitable project with the other interns, I have gained valuable experience and feel as though I have developed as an individual and as a professional. In addition, this program has emphasized the importance of supporting other team members and being open to constructive feedback. This internship has been a learning process, but I believe I have become a more responsible and efficient individual and I credit the internship program and the team members who were supportive of me along the way. I strongly recommend this program to individuals seeking work experience that will positively influence their development as a team-oriented professional in any field of work.

Ben Harrison, Summer Intern 2016 netlogx

My internship experience at netlogx through the intern development program has been invaluable to my future as a professional. I’ve learned skills that will carry over not only into my professional career, but also into my educational pursuit. From project management to project coordination, netlogx provided me with an opportunity to get an inside look at what each job entitled and how I can individually impact a client-facing project. The team at netlogx took me under their wings and guided me through one of the greatest internship experiences I have participated in. I am truly grateful for my time at netlogx.

Matt Niehoff, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

My time at netlogx has helped me grow both in my professional career and my development as a human being. I have been awarded opportunities that have helped further myself along the path to success and opportunities that have taught the importance of being a kind and personable individual on top of being intellectual and professional. These are skills that I will cherish moving forward in my career.

Joe Harrison, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

I have really enjoyed my experience as a summer intern at netlogx. They offered me so many opportunities to grow professionally. This summer I have been able to contribute to the internal growth of the company as well as gain experience working with clients. netlogx has an amazing culture. My thoughts and ideas were always respected and never once did I feel less important to the team. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the summer with such an amazing group of people and I am thankful for all the opportunities and experiences netlogx has offered me.

Sidney Harris, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

My internship with netlogx has been extraordinarily remarkable, unquestionably life-changing. I have taken in numerous new lessons from the different projects that were designated to me, and additionally gained from the other interns and netlogx team-members. I enjoy being here and sincerely I think I will miss it. netlogx has taught me numerous things about the business world, and it has been an opportunity worth taking. netlogx team is doing an incredible job, by making this a remarkable and unique organization. I will always be grateful to the Indiana Latino Institute and netlogx for this phenomenal experience, this internship has surpassed my expectations, and has taken me to another level in my professional development. I will always cherish the moments in which everyone at netlogx was very supportive, and helped me through tough personal times; my mom and I will always be grateful.

Karla Nerio, Summer Intern 2015 netlogx

Being a part of the Internship Development Program (IDP) at netlogx has been a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any college student wanting to get three steps ahead of the competition. Rather than taking the position of “the intern”, you take the role of a team member and are held as equally responsible as anyone else. With this experience at netlogx I have been able to learn a lot about how a company operates and take control of my own projects in the way that I deem most efficient. It is a great work environment that facilitates your needs and provides you with enough guidance and room to grow into a well-rounded professional.

Holden Miller, netlogx Summer Intern 2014

The Internship Development Program (IDP) at netlogx afforded me to gain valuable work and life experience that I will carry with me the rest of my career. I have spent the last four months dealing with various tasks and projects while learning many new useful and practical skills. Next to sourcing, marketing and participating in the organization of daily activities, the most valuable experience I gained from the IDP is working in a team. Within my team, my fantastic team, we developed processes and strategies to support the stafflogx division, the opportunity to have worked with so many smart people collaborating together was a lot of work but also fun. netlogx has a great work environment and is certainly a great stepping stone after graduation. I have met important networking contacts that I intend to keep in contact with for years to come.

Sarah Jacobsma, netlogx Intern 2013-2014

I could not have asked for more from the netlogx internship. netlogx gave me a surprising amount of autonomy to pursue projects I was interested in while at the same time finding a way to teach me valuable and tangible skills I can use in the future. It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this.

Xiao Ou Yuan, netlogx Summer Intern 2013

The Indiana Latino Institute (ILI) has provided me with a marvelous opportunity to participate as an intern at netlogx’s corporate office in downtown Indianapolis. As a member of the netlogx team I’ve been presented with a vast amount of work experience and professional training of which I plan to implement in my future employment. I am immensely grateful to netlogx for the opportunity to learn from a fantastic company.

Mauricio Acuña – netlogx Summer Intern 2013

The netlogx Internship Development Program has prepared me well for my professional career. Each day brought various situations forcing me to make decisions on my own and learn from my successes and failures. Even as an intern, netlogx gave me a chance to explore a variety of roles, allowing me to develop valuable skills. My expectations of netlogx were not only met but surpassed, I feel privileged to have been given this awesome opportunity.

Alex Green – netlogx Summer Intern 2013

My internship at netlogx was more than I could have ever hoped for. I gained valuable experience which I can use later in my career, I came away with tangible accomplishments, and I learned some of how the business world functions. All of these things make interning at netlogx a wonderful opportunity, which I am glad I took. The Intern Development Program was everything I thought it would be and more.

Henry Will – netlogx Summer Intern 2012

Participating in the netlogx Intern Development Program gave me the opportunity to gain professional work experience while working with and learning from a team of industry-leading consultants. Even as an intern, I always felt like a valuable member of the team and was given opportunities to contribute to both internal netlogx endeavors and external client projects. Now, as a full-time team member in the netlogx Fast Track Program, I can clearly recognize the invaluable lessons and experience I gained as an intern and would highly recommend the Intern Program to any college students looking to gain professional work experience.

Sara Jordan – netlogx Summer Intern 2010, 2011