Last week I wasted a few hours trying to understand what Twitter was doing about a direct messages spam problem that they have.  Here’s an article in information week about the problem.

The answer in case you are interested is…nothing!  Oh, there are instructions on how to go in and delete all the direct messages that your account may have sent out, as well as the reminder to change your password.  But that’s it.  So basically that’s nothing.

They are doing nothing about the fact that their service is sending out directly targeted malware to your friends and business associates.  I think that is just plain wrong.

So from me to the world, here’s what to do.  Turn off Twitter until they get serious about protecting users.

I can hear the screams right now.

Security Lock

Look people, here’s what is happening.  Twitter and Facebook are multi-platform offenders.  They may be perfectly well locked down on your laptop but not the phone.  And sadly, the phones you use are now riddled with loose security apps or just down right malware.  Everything on the phone wants access to your contacts and your location and so on.  Look at this article from the venerable BBC.

And before all you iPhone users get excited, the same is basically true of your device.

So, if you are content to have your banking information shared with the world, go right ahead and Tweet and Facebook (argh) to your heart’s content, and make sure that you pay no attention to the rights that your new shiny app wants on your phone.  The result will be that someone in Russia will be spending your hard earned cash.  I think that’s a fair change for being able to constantly spend your time on Twitter and Facebook.

QUOTE: Distrust and caution are the parents of security – Benjamin Franklin.