Change BlocksCHANGE –“To undergo transformation or to make different “– Webster Dictionary shares this definition of CHANGE.

This five (5) letter word can be one of the scariest things that people hear.  When you say the word CHANGE at the workplace you have what could become amazing or disastrous. I like to think this five (5) letter word has brought only positive results to netlogx. I (Stephanie) have only been at netlogx for three months.  When I look back at the first day I walked in and where we are now, there have been several positive changes.

With great thanks to the Business Processing Re-engineering (BPR) team we have rolled out numerous new processes, followed by policies, a new online payroll system, mail slots for all team members, additional desks and file cabinets, new team members, upgraded phone system with phones on all desks and who knows what tomorrow will hold. I do know it will be better, faster and cheaper…a major mantra at netlogx.  I like to think that the team members here at netlogx have embraced change. We are a team who has no limits to succeed and with a team that is driven by success and team leadership we have learned to embrace the CHANGE.

The new online payroll system has been a struggle for many of the team members but with the training tool and patience I believe we are working through it. I know right now it may be hard for team members to understand the long term accomplishments (this sometimes irritating process) will bring to netlogx but the end result will be amazing.

I truly believe the future of netlogx means growth and with growth there will be CHANGE.  CHANGE is something that, again, we have learned to embrace and that is why netlogx will continue to grow and prosper in the years to come.


Life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way. Be inspired and motivated by these helpful quotes about change and transformation.

— Author Unknown