I got the call, I got the call, the call I had been waiting for!  A trip down to Indianapolis to meet staff and visit the netlogx corporate offices.  I packed for my one overnight and grabbed my laptop for an adventure!!  The drive from Michigan was long, and did not offer much visually, but I enjoyed the quiet time and figured that it might just be my only vacation this year!  The hotel was gorgeous and everyone was so kind.  As I checked in, I noticed a full house and people everywhere.  A convention was happening and it was obviously happy hour!  After people watching for a moment, I entered my hotel room and fell onto the bed for some rest.  Buzz, buzz, buzz, up and at em’, it was time to get going!  My day had started and I was on my way to the first team meeting I was able to attend in person.  It was a pleasure to see all of those new faces and be able to put them with the voices I had heard over the phone.  People I had been working with for months, but had been unable to connect with in person.  The Stutz office building was unusual and unique to explore.  I went floor by floor to snoop around and check out all of the art and cars and stories that the building had to offer.  The netlogx office had an open feel to it, one engaging to the team environment that has been promoted here.  Everyone had a smile on their face and stuck out their hand to welcome me.  A friendly, inviting and warm culture is what was oozing from every open door in the office.  It was so much different than I had imagined in my mind.  The downtown area was full of people hustling around the streets and the highways were three and four lines wide, packed with cars….such activity!  I loved my trip, the only thing I would change is that I could have stayed longer!!