As a Project Coordinator at netlogx, I am expected to be organized, resourceful, and effectual in all tasks.  Project Coordinators are the backbone of netlogx and make every meeting, document, event, and project come together in an almost magical, effortless way.  In truth, meetings, documents, events, and projects do not come together effortlessly or magically; it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes for this to happen.

Project Coordinators are trained from day one to plan and organize in an efficient way.  The sixteen page detailed Document Style guide, document standards and templates site, and user guides developed at netlogx help Project Coordinators to excel.  These tools outline guidelines to make the netlogx message cohesive in everything that is presented to vendors, customers, and to the public.

Project Coordinators are held to a high standard of competency and professionalism that is reflected in their work.  This standard is ingrained into a new Project Coordinator through training, mentoring, and watching others walk the walk and talk the talk.  Planning and organization is not always the easiest task for most people. It took me years to develop into the organized person I am today.  And it is very easy for the little details to slip by, especially as deadlines are approaching.  But as a Project Coordinator, your job is the details.

I have learned so much as a Project Coordinator that can be carried on as I move on down my chosen career path.