Picture yourself standing in the middle of a refurbished warehouse. Got it? OK. Now, picture yourself in that same warehouse surrounded by tiny houses, complete with shingles, wood paneling, shutters–everything a house would have, all organized along a grid of streets. What I am describing is probably the most aptly named organization that I have ever encountered. I am talking about,  DeveloperTown.

In short, DeveloperTown is a start-up incubator that helps individuals and companies alike successfully solve problems and capture opportunities. Each house that is situated within the building is either a small startup company, or a house used by DeveloperTown employees who help organizations realize the potential software solutions can bring, and assist them on quickly bringing their ideas to life.

I was fortunate enough to visit DeveloperTown earlier this month as part of a trueConnect networking event hosted by trueU. While I was there I was able to meet and speak with other trueU attendees at the event, enjoy some hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and wander the streets of DeveloperTown to learn more about the different companies working within the space.Mark pic 1

One company I learned about was Peerview Data, a company that helps small to midsize companies improve growth and optimize performance by using competitive analytics tools. Another company I learned about was VergeHQ, a company that helps connect founders, builders, and investors by providing them with the education, resources, networking opportunities, and live events they need to successfully start and grow their businesses.

Mark pic 2

The longer I stayed, the more I got to soak in. From gatherings of robots on tables to white boards scribbled with processes and code, it was an environment that screamed passion and hard work. Immediately following the event, I went home and booted up my computer to pick up where I left off on my Udemy developer course, inspired by the innovation that DeveloperTown emanates.  Who knows? Maybe DeveloperTown may come in handy for me someday!