netlogx is a consulting services organization and success is tied to the ability to bring together teams to work in a cohesive manner – quickly, efficiently, effectively and productively – and then to change the makeup of the team for the next opportunity and repeat the process…again and again.

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Teamwork was the focus of our netlogx summer team meeting and all team members were encouraged to attend regardless of where in the country their consulting opportunity has them working. These bi-annual opportunities to bring our team together to spend time with each other is tied to a commitment of team building – which is why we will do it again in December.

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Teamwork has been at the heart of how the “idea of netlogx” – starting from the Taylor family kitchen table has evolved and grown over the last 20 years to a sustainable, successful enterprise. True to the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon as soon as 20 years came to our attention data about the rare atmosphere we occupy started showing up. At each of the seminars and events we’ve recently attended we heard the quotes from the SBA that less than 50% of businesses make it to 5 years and at 15 years survival is down to less than 40%.

Recognizing the value within our mature company, while striving to ensure we’re ready for the next opportunities netlogx must leverage our strengths and ensure we are poised to meet the challenges of our clients. Simply put, we must apply our skills as consultants to our own business. To survive and thrive in a dangerous world netlogx @ 20 will actively embrace and leverage change to continuously improve the delivery of our services to our customers.

Where to start? Collaboration

In setting the stage for the next year and the years beyond – Nick and I focused on hosting a meaningful team meeting.  Our goal was to foster collaboration across consultants in varying clients’ sites and geographic locations to ensure we capture all the diverse ideas the smart people in our team possess.

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Before the team meeting and during the breakout sessions, frankly all the time, a vibrant thread of “at netlogx we are smart people who solve complex problems” is weaved throughout our team members and passed on in the experience of our clients. To stay focused the question Nick and I put to ourselves regularly is “Are we are focused on doing the right things, right?”

With the opportunity, the summer team meeting offered to speak to all our amazing netlogx team we started with “What problem were we trying to solve?” and the answer “at netlogx there are smart people who were not collaborating as effectively as they could.”  To tackle this, we needed to start with solutions, and that begins by going back to basics and solidifying:

  • Who are we as a team?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we heading?

So, we are moving on these. By the close of the team meeting, we introduced and shared the details around netlogx 2.0; which removes the silos and sets everyone up for continued success. A successful organization has diverse team members contributing at all levels to support a diverse client base.

We are one team, one passion, one passion