Food waste in trash bag

Unfortunately, hunger has become more than just an epidemic.  There are multiple people across the world who are affected daily.  World Food Day is celebrated each year on October 16th to memorialize the founding of the Food and Agricultural Organization in 1945.  Each year, events are organized across the world to help provide awareness to this Pandemic.

Statistics show that the world produces enough food to feed the entire population, however, 800 million people suffer from hunger; killing more people (every year) than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined.  Can you believe that one third of the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted?

Make a Difference Quote

Did you know across the Feeding America Network over 63,000 programs have no paid staff, relying entirely on volunteers?  If everyone helps, in just a small way, we CAN make a difference.  I have listed a few ways that you can help.

  • One day a month, just ONE … find an organization in your area and volunteer
  • To the hungry person on the street … purchase a meal
  • Donate ten loaves of bread to your local food bank
  • Going shopping – BOGO is great. Buy one for yourself, donate the other!

Everyone needs to eat!  In past years, I have organized dinners for a local charity to help feed the hungry (and homeless).  Each year, I am amazed by the generosity and support of friends and family that work with me to make this possible.  The look on the faces of the people receiving these meals is worth every cent!  One meal at a time!

Will YOU take the challenge???