One of our newest core capabilities at netlogx is Procurement Support. As anyone who has worked in State government can attest, the procurement process can be quite complex for all parties involved – both the State issuing the procurement as well as the responding vendors. Although complicated, competitive procurements are vital to ensure State business owners receive necessary products and services while remaining good stewards of public funds.

In our Procurement Support engagements, the netlogx team partners with the State and continually works to keep State interests and priorities in the forefront. We share the tools and proven processes throughout the procurement cycle to help them develop the right requirements, strategize the format of the proposal response and provide training and tools to help them evaluate and score the proposals with the goal of selecting the best vendor for the opportunity.

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As a vendor working in the procurement area, netlogx is in a unique position. As vendors we must respond to competitive procurements ourselves to win work.  This allows the netlogx team to bring experience in the role of a responding vendor to the State, providing input on the vendor’s ability to successfully respond to the procurement. We understand the work that goes into building a proposal and the types of information that are needed to build accurate technical and costs responses. We can assess the RFP content and identify and communicate inherent risks within the RFP. This allows us to build procurements that facilitate accurate and complete vendor responses. In turn, this helps the State more objectively evaluate vendors against one another.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, our involvement with our State clients throughout the RFP development and evaluation process has taught us valuable lessons about what is truly important to our client’s business and how information is best received by the State.  This provides us with the opportunity to apply these lessons learned into our own proposal responses.

All in all, the Procurement Support core capability is a win-win for our clients and netlogx. Our clients gain from the unique perspective we are able to share with them throughout the procurement process.  At the same time, netlogx learns about how information we share in our proposals is received, allowing us to hone our proposal response and provide better outcomes for our clients.

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